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Here at Colosoul, we believe that a strong social conscience and engagement with the local community are integral facets of a successful and conscientious media company. Helping communities and marginalised individuals through hard times has always been valued ahead of something as simple as monetary income, and because of this, we support several social causes and organisations. Over the coming weeks, we will be uploading a series of articles which will outline the nature of these organisations and the valuable work they do for the community.

World Wildlife Fund – Australia

– by David Churack

The ‘World Wildlife Fund’ (WWF) is an international organisation which is considered the world’s leading conservation organisation. Founded in 1961, and present in over 100 different nations, the WWF acts primarily to promote biodiversity and environmental conservation.

The Australian branch of the organisation focuses on the environmental issues and places important to Australia, but also works in conjunction with the other forms of the WWF across the globe to achieve shared environmental goals.

In recent years, the WWF has been instrumental in the protection of the Great Barrier Reef, the preservation of the Southwest Australia Ecoregion, dealing with Climate change on a national level, as well as transforming the practices of local market practices to assist in the conservation of animals and the environment.

The work of WWF Australia also extends into the oceanic and South East Asian region surrounding the continent. Significant projects undertaken in this region include activities to protect the native flora and fauna of Borneo, safeguarding the Southern ocean and the Antarctic from adverse influence, as well as improving the fishing market in the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.

The organisation also works with indigenous communities to assist in conservation efforts. The relationship Indigenous Australians have with the land is highly valued by the WWF, who respect indigenous communities’ right to decide what happens to their traditional lands.

So far, the World Wildlife Fund has had remarkable successes in its conservation and protection efforts. Among these successes are programs instrumental in: raising government protection of the Great Barrier Reef from 4.6% to 33%, halving the rate of land clearing in Queensland, ending land clearing in Tasmania and protecting the Ningaloo reef.

Environmental protection and conservation can be considered an important cause in any country, but with Australia’s completely unique forms of vegetation and wildlife, this obligation is that much more vital.

As the world’s leading conservation organisation, the WWF’s presence in Australia is directly tied to the future of our unique wildlife. It is an important cause well worth our support on a national level, especially in these contemporary times when issues such as climate change and decreasing biodiversity pose extreme threats to the stability and beauty of our natural surroundings.

To help the WWF or to find out more please visit: http://www.wwf.org.au/our_work/

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