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Community Crusaders: Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

– by David Churack

We believe children deserve a healthy and happy life

Having to watch an innocent child suffer from serious illness or injury is no doubt a truly terrifying occurrence. Fortunately for Western Australian parents, there is a place they can turn to – Princess Margaret Hospital for Children.

Located in Subiaco, the hospital has approximately 250,000 patient visits annually, treating teenagers and children from areas throughout Western Australia. Princess Margaret Hospital is considered a world-class medical facility, and thereby attracts some of the most skilled medical practitioners to care to the welfare of local children.

While Princess Margaret is a public hospital and receives some financial support from the government, the provided funds do not cover the resources needed to for the best possible care for our children.

This is why the hospital has created its own dedicated fundraising body, the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation. Its fundraising efforts have been very successful thus far, having raised over $46 million since being established in 1998.

Money raised by the foundation goes towards cutting-edge medical treatments for Western Australian children, as well as maintaining a welcoming and inclusive hospital atmosphere. It is also part of the ‘Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia’, a network of partnerships between similar foundations across the country working to ensure that the nation’s children are receiving proper medical care.

The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation has already funded several different forms of equipment and renovations to the hospital. These include the creation of a play area complete with video-games and basketball court; colourful wall murals of the jungle and characters from the Disney film Finding Nemo that create a more child-friendly atmosphere; as well as a 3D modelling system used to help plastic surgeons perform intricate surgery on children with facial deformities.

The foundation also allows donors to specify which areas or facilities to support with their donation. This means that community members are free to directly support the treatment of illnesses that may have affected them or their loved ones.

Perhaps one of the most significant contributions made towards the hospital has been to the Burns Unit. The foundation has assisted in the installation of a Primo Ferro bath system in this facility. Basically, this bath system allows patients suffering from burns to have their dressings removed via water vibrations caused by the bath, minimising the pain they experience.

This goal of assisting in the treatment and comfort of Western Australia’s sick children is undoubtedly an extremely good cause, and one that is worth the community’s support. It is hard to think of a cause more deserving than assisting our injured and sick children, including those who have suffered severe burns  and need specific forms of assistance and equipment to be as comfortable as possible.

Anyone interested in helping by donating or volunteering is welcome to read more about it here.

The Colosoul Group is a proud supporter of the Princess Margaret Hospital Burns Unit.

Photo credit: Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

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