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Community Crusaders: Fair Tradie Project

– by David Churack

Building homes, changing lives

One of the major problems facing developing nations is the lack of skilled workers and labourers needed to build houses, hospitals, roads, and other necessities. The Fair Tradie Project seeks to remedy this issue by sending tradesmen to impoverished locations in need of their handiwork, locally and internationally.

So far, the organisation has assisted construction projects in cities and towns across Uganda, and aided the repair of a hospice in the West Bengal region of India. Plans are now under way to complete a trip to Jinja, Uganda, in order to build homes for orphaned children in the region.

The impetus behind the Fair Tradie Project was founder and director Luke Ray’s visit to Uganda. He has described how the extreme emotional effect of his experiences there came to shape his humanitarian spirit. “We saw the broken lives inflicted by disease, famine and war. This was my breaking point. As I stood there on African soil I saw reality stained in blood, sweat and tears, and I knew I had to do something. My hands were tied but the agony in my heart had me say, ‘Yes, I can make a difference’.”

Following this, the Fair Tradie Project was founded on the July 29 in 2010. In the following years, the project has managed to help the impoverished and needy in some of the most destitute locations across the globe. In working with existing local organisations and providing professional, sturdy buildings for those who need them, the Fair Tradie Project really does act to create a significant and long term change in the communities it visits. It is a perfect illustration of the fact that each individual has important skills that can be put to valuable use helping others.

The project also has a history of raising money by holding fun and varied events, which have in the past included; paintball and poker tournaments, balls, and movie screenings.

Visit their Facebook group to find out more.

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