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Australian govt launches scathing, xenophobic campaign

By Karen Hansord

The Australian government has recently launched a scathing campaign concerning the plight of asylum seekers.

The campaign, which was originally made public in late November, has the very cheerful slogan of “No way. They will not make Australia home,” which reminds me of a really depressing version of that Qantas ad in the late’ 90s.

However, the new campaign has a disturbing addition to help sway the decision of potential refugees.

A graphic novel was published by the Australian government and made public on the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service website under the headline “Operation Sovereign Borders”.

operation sovereign bordersThe graphic novel is aimed primarily at Afghans and tells the story of a young, poor Afghani mechanic who, with the help from his family, gets on a boat to look for a better life in Australia.

Now this, this is the part where the graphic novel becomes a horribly foreboding platform for the Australian government to show asylum seekers how they will be treated once they get to Australia.

First, they will be flown to a remote island where they will have to live in overcrowded tents, and then face being constantly bitten by mosquitos and all under the intimidating eye of faceless, uniformed guards.

The young Afghani man is depicted as being emotionally distressed throughout this entire ordeal.

Nice one, Australia.

Everything about this campaign is worrying and makes me wonder if the government even cares that the rest of the world thinks of Australia as a xenophobic, rude and an obnoxious country.

I thought Australians were supposed to be thought of as the most charitable people on the planet but perhaps only to certain groups of people?

You can read the full version of the graphic novel here.

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