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Anti-Islamic Group Rallies Across Australia

– by Sophia Joyce

Reclaim Australia is an anti-Islamic organisation that ­is declaring Australians need to take back their country, because Muslims are changing our national identity.

This radical organisation has recently sparked nationwide controversy with anti-racism groups in response to their organised rallies against Islam.

Their rallies are designed to reclaim equality and tolerance of races and religions except Islam, abolish “cultural considerations” and remove Halal blessed food.News Corp Australia

Last Sunday the Reclaim Australia movement began its rally in Solidarity Park Perth and were met by an anti-racism counter party, holding banners saying “stand with multiculturalism against racism” and “no racism, no Islamophobia.”

Reclaim Australia member Craig from Southern River expressed his opinion to WA Today saying he is sick of the double standards and hypocrisy.

“It’s like their (Islamic) culture is more important than ours. My 10-year-old had never been in a nativity play because it might offend someone. No one’s banning Ramadan.”

Rally Against Racism’s organiser, Miranda Wood says that hate speech is not welcome from the Reclaim Australia’s protesters.

“We’re not going there with any intention of being violent in any way, we are actually there to challenge the violence, the ideological violence of the people in Reclaim Australia.”

Robert Shakespeare

One Nation political leader Pauline Hanson has shown her support for the Reclaim Australia movement in Queensland, saying that she doesn’t like the way Australia is changing.

She told protesters in Rockhampton “I am against the spread of Islam.”

“I’m not targeting Muslims, I’m targeting the ideology, what Islam stands for and it is very different to our culture and Christianity.”

Reclaim Australia members believe they are “true Australians” and they’re not racist because Islam is not a race.

Several guest speakers said that they had gathered to protest against Sharia law, Halal certification and Islamisation.

An anti-racism protester Chris Cooper believes that people need to remember that there are fanatics in all religions and cultures; it’s not just Muslims.

“I just think sometimes these things can be a little too extreme and everyone needs to understand that a large percentage of Muslims that come and live here want to live the Australian lifestyle and only a small percentage don’t. You can’t stereotype that all Muslims are for Isis.”


Photo Credits: Featured image by AFP;Pauline Hanson image by Robert Shakespeare; Protest image by News Corp Australia

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