Wordplay: Beast Mode


As Bitter Belief and Rob Shaker’s Beast Mode tour draws to an end, I was lucky enough to be flicked a copy of their latest album Beast Mode. Throughout the album, Bitter Belief’s rhythm and flow are impeccable, as he hits every line with perfect timing and plainspoken punch lines. The hooks are beautiful and the album’s many guests compliment Bitter Belief’s style. The duo has smashed this album way out of the ballpark.

A perfect example of this is the track is The Aviary ft. Sarah Pellicano (who in herself is a huge talent). The production is no less than professional, and it’s great reminder of who Rob Shaker is and the value he puts into his work. Don’t Call it a Comeback features Beni Bjah and is a nod to the grind— the time and hustle Bitter Belief put into his career (“Cut them gloves from my hands when I step in the ring/ I got swings that will pluck your feathers and sever your wings.”) With Beni’s deep and harsh voice it’s hard not to play this one again.

Throughout the album, Beast Mode manages to both batter you with brutality and caress you with honesty, integrity and a genuine message promoting authenticity in lifestyle choices. Popcorn is a brilliantly witty song, and with two separate Harry Potter references, some would say there was a bit of magic in this burner of a tune. It left me in stitches to be honest. My favourite track on the album by far though is #Squadgoals. This one ends the album, completing it with a barrage of hard-hitting, free-flowing lyrics and an eruption of local talent, from Manaz Ill, Divine, Mr Grevis, Azmatic Omac, Sever, Kogz and a bunch more. It was enough to leave my jaw dropped— it’s clear that Bitter B has a few talented mates.

Overall this album, put simply, is dope. It’s a look into the past and a nod to the future whilst inviting the listener to kick back and take the observer’s seat in life. It’s fun, comical and encourages a thought or two. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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