Trailer Review – ‘Kin’

(Lionsgate Movies, 2018)

Coming to cinemas at the end of this month is the new Sci-Fi Action thriller titled Kin.

This flick was directed by Aussie twin brothers Jonathan and Josh Baker, who have been working together in creating commercials and short films under the team name ‘TWIN’ since 2007. Kin is the Baker brother’s feature debut and is based on their 2014 short film Bag Man which is about a little African American boy who keeps possession of an alien weapon hidden from everyone (you can find and watch for yourself here). It should also be noted that Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen, the producers behind the Netflix hit show Stranger Things and the 2016 Sci-fi flick Arrival, have also signed on to producing the upcoming feature. This definitely shows, with both the neon light feel and drawn style of Kin’s main poster  reflecting the 80s vibe of the Stranger Things posters.

The story in the upcoming feature film does however expand from the short, with the short being about a kid leaving his home in the city, to the country with an alien weapon hidden in his bag. Not a lot of people are chasing him, but rather trouble comes to where he’s hiding in the form of a gang beating up someone who has apparently wronged them. While the upcoming feature film focuses on a kid named Eli (Myles Truitt) and his adopted family’s brother, Jimmy (Jack Reynor) who recently got released from prison. Eli, Jimmy, and a stripper they come across named Milly (Zoe Kravitz) find themselves on the run from not only the FBI, but also thug lord Taylor Bolek (James Franco) after Eli finds an alien weapon while exploring a junkyard.

The trailer is filled with promise. I love the subtle backing track that combines the 80s synth with intensity to set the vibe. I also love the intriguing production and set design from the nightclub setting where Eli is first firing the gun, to the gun itself, as well as one of the drones scanning the area. Furthermore, the trailer  seems to have a strong theme about family, evident with the phrase “no force is greater, no bond is stronger than family”. Overall, I’m pretty interested and I will be catching this film when it hits theatres in Australia on the 30th August. Check out the trailer here!

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