Film review: The BBQ

The BBQ stars Shane Jacobson as Dazza— a family man who has a massive passion for cooking barbeques and constantly claims to be related to the famous explorer Captain Cook. After giving food poisoning to his guests at a party, his wife Diane (Julia Zemiro) encourages him to stop the BBQ craze, and his reputation as a great Barbie chef is ruined. That is until he’s forced by his boss at Barbeques Galore to go into a BBQ cooking competition under a short-tempered Scottish mentor known as ‘The Butcher’ (Magda Szubanski) and go up against an egotistical French celebrity chef named Andre Mont Blanc (My Kitchen Rules judge, Manu Fiedel).

There’s a quote in this film from Diane where she says, “You used to be a bad boy who takes risks. Now you just play things safe”. And to me, that was the perfect way to sum up this film. It has the exact story formula you would expect from any underdog sports film, like The Karate Kid or Rocky. As for the performances, they range from fine to over-the-top with different characters. For example, Manu does fine as the egotistical chef, even though the script gives him very little to work with. What’s more, there’s not much to remember him by due to him being like every other villain in these types of films. On the other side of the scale then you have characters like the school principal who act incredibly over-the-top and chew the scenery.

Overall, you’ll get a couple of laughs and some fine performances. But the film also goes through a clichéd format seen in the “sports underdog” type of film and ends on an under-whelming safe note. Chances are I’ll forget about this film after a while.

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