Film review: Justice League

Last year, despite being box office hits, Warner Brothers Studios created two chapters in the DC Cinematic Universe— Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad— that were panned by many critics. Earlier this year, however, the DC universe was proven to not be doomed entirely when director Patty Jenkins created Wonder Woman, which, starring Gal Gadot in the lead role, was both a box office and critical success. Now, DC is back again with all of Earth’s greatest heroes brought together by Bruce Wayne (the Nick Fury of the DC Universe reprised by Ben Affleck). Along with Wonder Woman (Gadot), The Flash (Ezra Miller), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), and Cyborg (Ray Fisher), they are tasked to save the world from a destructive god known as Steppenwolf (played by Ciaran Hinds).

This film has tons of problems, the main one being the awful CGI on two characters in particular— Steppenwolf and Cyborg. Steppenwolf was also an incredibly weak and forgettable villain, and the plot is pretty much standard for a superhero team with no real big twists or turns.

Further affecting the plot were the scenes taken out— the Warner Bros Studios wanted the film to be under two hours, forcing filmmakers to cut 45 films off the original length. With so many new characters and information being thrown into this film, there needed to be either more time to flesh out certain things, or a few stand-alone films released before this one.

Despite all those flaws, I still enjoyed it as a typical and entertaining comic film, mainly due to Batman, Wonder Woman, and the little moments of teamwork found throughout the action scenes. This film has a lot more light and colour than the others, which is a great relief for me. (SPOILER ALERT) Superman (played by Henry Cavill) does make an appearance and joins the league after a pointless fight scene that occurs the second he comes back to life. I will say though I’m glad that he no longer broods like in the previous two instalments starring him.

Overall, if you are a die-hard DC or comic fan and want a fun time with your favourite protagonists that form the Justice League, I reckon you’ll get some enjoyment out of it. After leaving the cinema, I did gain some confidence and excitement in regards to the next few instalments. Even though it has its flaws and doesn’t quite compare gtoWonder Woman, it remains an entertaining DC film with some great moments and is an improvement from Batman VS Superman or Suicide Squad.

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