Fear and Gluttony in Perth City: American-style food reviews

The Perth food scene is growing at a rapid pace, new bars and restaurants are popping up all the time and as our city expands, so too will the stomachs of many Perthians seeking culinary adventure, whether it be a 3 Michelin Star dining experience or just a kebab after big night out. Despite the endless variety, American-style food stuff like burgers, hotdogs and fried chicken that aim to be more indulgent and decadent are what’s sweeping the independent and pop-up food scene here in Perth. There has never been a better time to seek out these particular crowd-pleasing meals, there are a lot of great little spots to chose from. So here are a couple of American food spots in Perth that’ll have you reaching for your insulin pen and leave you wheelchair ridden:

Run Amuk resides in the sleepy beach-side suburb of South Fremantle, known for its alternative vibes and the occasional fallen out dreadlock lying on the pavement. The modest hotdog store serves up some on the most mouth watering and ambitious hotdogs in WA. Located on South Terrace approximately half a kilometre from the coast, Run Amuk is a great pre/post beach bite, and for those craving long buns stuffed with meat tubes this place is a little slice of paradise. Vegetarians and vegan options are available too, so no one misses out on the artery clogging goodness that is Rum Amuk.

All in all I give Run Amuk 4 dreadlocks with abandonment issues out of 5.

Ever crave fried chicken? Most people do, but I’m not here to crack on about a KFC bucket full of soggy chicken limbs that leave much to be desired, I’m here to talk about RoyAls in East Victoria Park. For those more traditional southern fried chicken fans, RoyAls pretty much has you covered on all fronts. The small joint dishes out decadent buttermilk fried chicken, cheese burgers and po-boys that’ll make the Colonel’s ’11 secret herbs and spices’ seem like random handfuls of dirt and sand mixed together in an attempt to mimic the iconic taste of the South and cut costs while doing it. This taste is REAL, it’s authentic, and it’s made in a tiny kitchen filled with sweaty cooks that have a passion for great taste and fried chicken.

I give RoyAls 4.5 coronary bypasses out of 5.

Now in this crazy world of ours, there’s a lot of pain and suffering. Nations are more divided than ever in recent years and it seems like the system is about to explode (quite literally, North Korea, I’m looking at you buddy). In spite of all that, there’s one thing all humans can agree on and that’s the appreciation of tasty food in your mouth hole. So go out now and try some food before we blow ourselves up.

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