Wordplay: Mr Beef Cheeks

Perth hip hop artist Altty’s debut album.


Altty dropped his debut album, Mr Beef Cheeks (#Ya Mum Can’t Cook), early this month, and I was given a fresh copy to spin my opinion on it. The album opens with Chubby Beef Cheeks, and with its hilarious lyrical content this track is a self-confession of Altty’s mad love for food.  After starting out with a lighter look at poetry and a guitar flare, the album quickly takes a serious dive into quicker paced track Hip Hop Heads ft. Demolition. Describing a taste and love for the music, Altty’s strong verse reps a fresh outlook on the party life.

Continuing this descent into a deeper side of Altty’s personality is Please Forgive Me. Serving as a letter to God, Altty’s mad flow is splashed with a defining beat. This track is a personal fave of mine, as Altty displays his faith without a hint of shame. As I listened to this album I couldn’t help but pick up on a real positive vibe that seemed to be occurring throughout.

Track 4 is a perfect example of this. Keep It Real has a message of anti-materialism and promotes a genuine lifestyle. Big love for Perth is also conveyed throughout this track. Bringing it back to the lighter side is Mr Beef Cheeks, again keeping a great balance between deeper discussions and a decent laugh.

The second half of the album is when the themes become more personal and serious. The Chaplain is a slight nod towards Altty’s previous lifestyle and the changes he’s had to make since then, and features Johniepee and his wife Franny singing the hook.
 Further, Reason To Live is the rawest track on the album, and what I feel is the core of Altty’s latest work.

The last two songs of this album take on a very different feel and an acoustic direction. Both Amazing Grace and Lost Boy have majestic vocals accompanying Altty’s verses. These tracks really wrap the album up nicely, it overall being a journey with raw, hard hitting lyrics. Featuring real talk about ups and downs and a decent balance between laughter and inspiration, I give it a solid 3 and a half stars out of 5.

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