The Importance of Australia’s construction industry

Statistics from the latest Internet Vacancy Index show the importance of the $1.5 billion skilling fund for Australia’s construction industry, estimated to support 300,000 workers primarily with traineeships and apprenticeships.

In January 2018, 31,000 industry related vacancies were advertised and recent forecasts indicate an additional 120,000 workers will be required over the next five years, higlighting how crucial the fund will be.

CEO of Masters Builders Australia Denita Wawn said “the fund is a key element helping our industries address its current workplace challenges”.

“Building and construction provides jobs for more than one million people, more than 1 in 10 Australians, and trains more than half of the nation’s apprentices,” she said.

The Vancancy index has increased every month for the past 16 months with the latest results showing a 1.2% rise in January this year.

Machine operators and drivers as well as Technicicans and tradesman workers prove to be the strongest categories having increased by almost 15% over the past year.

Mrs Wawn says not only do the figures indicate how the fund will ensure builders can grow and deliver infrastructure needed for the members of the public, but is another reminder of how tomorrow’s skill challenges need to be tackled today.

  1. Ava Joseph

    Good article but it would be much better than this if you have mentioned more information on the blog. The statistics and facts that you have mentioned in the blog are the two things which I like the most.

  2. Sarah Smith

    It’s amazing to me that more than 10% of all Australians have chosen to go into building and construction. I would imagine that this allows builders to specialise in certain applications of their work. This makes me wonder whether I could find a builder to help me custom design a home.

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