The curious case of the Young Turks

Don’t let them put you down, don’t let them push you around.

BY Mathew Bell.

Don’t ever let them change your point of view. These iconic lyrics from Rod Stuart’s “Young Turks” have passion, rebellion and a youthful, progressive perspective attached to them. Today, there is a new gene of rebellious teenagers going against the grain- The Young Turks. If you haven’t heard about these guys, they are a team of progressive thinkers built in America who break down today’s news with dedication, honest conversation, frustration, a splash of sarcasm and occasionally some cringe worthy Dad jokes.

The Young Turks are an independent media outlet created in 2002, run by Cenk Uygur, a reformed lawyer and republican who is the kind of guy that gives himself a catch phrase. The Young Turks first aired on satellite radio and have seen massive progression in production, and acknowledgment since then, winning multiple online awards for political news and culture. Created and purposed to cover and comment on stories which are either carelessly overlooked by the mainstream media, or have clashed with their political and social agenda. The Young Turks navigate through controversial topics quicker then a Japanese whaling boat in the South Pacific.

Ever since the lead up to the President Donald Trump era, I have been devouring political videos. From the progressive left to conservative right, I twist my neck so far into each perspective that contortionist belongs on my resume. The Young Turks keep me up to date daily, covering Trump better than the fake tan does, often relying on sources such as The New York Times, or a variety of daily tweets. But recently viewer and advertisement funding has put TYT’s own reporters out to chase stories and gather real, reliable information from a direct perspective.

The Young Turks delve into President Trump’s war on free speech, his tiny hands in the pockets of lower class American citizens and every lie, twist or dramatic plot turn found in global politics. Sure they cover other stuff, sports, pop culture and movies, but hearing TYT’s panel call out corrupt conservatives and corporate liberals lies to fill their bank accounts and please their overlord lobbyists feels like something is almost being done to stop it. Knowledge is power after all.

The historical Young Turks were a political reform movement in 1895, formed by young military officers, later responsible for overturning Sultan Abdul Hamid II, a dictator who previously ruled over the Ottoman Empire with “absolute power”. But this movement led to the Armenian Genocide of 1914. Although TYT states “the selection of this name does not refer to any specific, historical incarnation of The Young Turks,” It’s hard to step away from this connection due to TYT’s political movement the Justice Democrats sharing the goal of a political revolution.

History has a way of repeating itself- the Justice Democrats share one motive in their recruitment, to “end the stranglehold corporate money has on our government”. TYT are far more likely to debate antagonists than to decapitate them.

Although this show would have an extremely progressive opinion on subjects when compared to their opposition, it is hard to deny facts, human rights and the importance of removing a cycle of corruption from our leaders. The Young Turks do have a progressive political agenda so its tough to say this news comes with unbiased statements, even if someone usually plays the role of devil’s advocate. I only hope that if or when their representatives screw up, it is covered legitimately and truthfully.

All in all, The Young Turks Network is a great source to indulge in American and large world politics whilst delving behind what other news might glance over. Tired of that cute puppy segment? I’m not either, but if you crave some real political, social and environmental news delivered by expressive and passionate humans fighting for change, find The Young Turks on Youtube for 5-10 minute segments or check out their live stream. Caution though, their live stream chat is incredibly racist, and hateful.


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