Barney for President!

(Made in Amerika, 2018)

Want something different and hilarious to watch? Well here’s something: How about taking a look at filmmakers Russell and Montana Robert’s new web series Made in Amerika, an online series released early this August on YouTube and Facebook featuring President Barney.

A very entertaining way to talk about issues in America right now, the web series puts an entertaining spin on one of the most entertaining presidencies yet. You can watch President Barney deal with issues like ISIS, North Korea and eggs, with the help of his friends Jeffery and Michael.

This humorous comedy series was created by cardboard, paper and a cast made from discarded old dolls, plushies, toys and dairy products. The series was made on a low budget but on a high talent.

In an interview Russell says that he really wanted to make comedy satire out of American culture today. Not just because of the ‘trends’ with Trump, but because of the political and cultural environment that helped him get a position as President. Russell also mentioned that he wanted to make show with them playing with plushies and barbie dolls.

In the first episode they talk about ISIS and a new problem President Barney is faced with. The ISIS have sucked all the silicon out of Kim Kardashian and President Barney has to find a solution as the leader of Amerika. The producers didn’t make the issue a serious matter between ISIS, but a very humorous one using the Kardashians as a target. Special guests like the Teletubbies also appeared as help for President Barney to defeat ISIS.

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