Wild and Weak Single ‘Wows’ WAAX Listeners

5 piece grunge band making crowds feel wild and weak with their tunes.


After gaining audience’s attention with their catchy 2016 hit, ‘Same Same’, Melbourne band WAAX are going on tour with their new music and the promise of some oldies as well. Since its release on June 2, single ‘Wild and Weak’ has gained massive praise and has led to their biggest tour to date with three dates already sold out.

Much like their other hits, ‘Wild and Weak’ features the same heavy guitar mixed with fast paced drums and rounded off with front woman, Maz’s, signature ‘angsty’ vocals. Other hits of these guys is their EP released in 2015, ‘Holy Sick’ which features the album’s  title track, ‘I For An Eye’ and the slower but ever more melancholy tune, ‘CC Thugs’.

If this is still a band that has slipped under the radar for you, definitely have a listen if you’re into the more ‘grimey’ side of Triple J music. Much like other similar girl fronted grunge bands such as Tired Lion or Slotface, WAAX presents the same relatable human struggles but does so in a way that is not only lyrically complex but hard to get out of your head. “The nu face of the nu nu-rock revolution” FasterLouder/ Music Junkee

Don’t miss these guys when they play at Jack Rabbit Slims on the 29th of July.

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