WAMfest x Colosoul SuperQuickQ&A: Sly Withers

Continuing our feature artists as part of Colosoul X WAMFest are the great Sly Withers:


So you guys are playing at the WAMFest Lot Party this year, and you played last year at WAMFest venues as well. What can we expect for your set? What are the current feels from our favourite feelsy indie punk band?

Yeah WAMfest is dope and we’re super stoked to be playing again. Last year got real sweaty. This year probs will too. Expect exclusively acoustic Blink 182 b-sides and maybe a track or two from our new album due next year.

If you could invent a category for the WAM awards, what would it be?

Best acoustic Blink 182 b-side cover band.

You guys released a couple new singles this year for your upcoming sophomore album. Can you describe it for us?

I feel like we’ve really found our sound this time around, in comparison to our last album which was a bit all over the place. We’ve kind of decided “emo” shouldn’t be a dirty word and musically we’ve definitely moved things in more of a punk direction.

You guys seem to draw on a lot of emotional, even romantic experiences to make your sound what it is, which I think is a perspective we often miss out on in music produced by men and especially within the punk genre. Do you feel like you’re breaking a stereotype in that respect? Is it something you set out to do on purpose or sort of naturally progressed towards?

I don’t feel like we’re breaking any new ground with our openness in our genre specifically, but I do feel like the genre of “feelings based guitar music” that’s currently seeing a bit of a resurgence in popularity is in itself doing a lot of great work to break that stereotype in society. There is a massive stigma against men in particular talking and being open about their emotional/mental health struggles and we feel super happy to be involved in a movement acting to counter that kind of thinking (however small our impact is). In terms of whether it’s a conscious decision or not on our part to write these honest and often vulnerable songs, I feel like it’s a bit of both. The influences we draw from really set the example for us that it is ok to talk about these problems and in doing so the process can become a pretty cathartic experience. Being in that headspace where you see honesty and vulnerability as having a positive impact on your writing, in turn kind of leads to these things just starting to slip out super naturally because your approaching the process with that mindset. I hope that made sense/answered your question and wasn’t just a bunch of babbling?

That’s perfect. Lastly, I ask this question of everyone I interview. Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?

Ok so we’ve talked at great length about this and we’ve decided that a horse sized duck’s beak is the stuff nightmares are made of so it’s gotta be 100 duck sized horses for sure.

You can catch Sly Withers from 4.25-4.50 at the Saturday Lot Party as part of WAMFest on 4th November.
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