WAMfest x Colosoul SuperQuickQ&A: Boat Show

As part of the WAMfest x Colosoul collaboration, Colosoul Mag will be featuring a number of artists in the lead up to the local festival on 1st November. The first of these is BOAT SHOW, a raw feminist punk band regularly spotted making the rounds of Mojo’s, The Bird, and Melbourne interchangeably. Big thanks to bassist Indigo Foster-Tuke for having a chat with us!


So you’re playing WAMFest this year, and you were also nominated for best rock act and most popular live act. How have you found the gigging process in the last year or so to get to this point?

We love playing gigs and have had the absolute pleasure of playing with some amazing artists over the past year, as well as touring and being able to play over east. Part of the gigging process for us is making sure that everyone at our shows feels safe and respected.

As a feminist punk band those are pretty big strides within the male dominated live music industry here in Perth. I know you guys fight pretty actively for better representation on local bills and at venues. Do you think it’s getting better?

I think it is getting better, there is definitely more awareness and there isn’t really any excuses anymore. We still have a long way to go though, and it’s something that needs to continually be checked and worked on.

If you had to write a recipe for your band and your sound, what would it entail?

A bit of bratty attitude, some loud guitars and lots of fun.

Apart from yourselves, which act would you vote to win in one of your categories?

There are so many incredible musicians and bands in our categories who all deserve to win. It’s impossible to pick just one!

Lastly, I ask this question of everyone I interview. Would you guys rather fight one horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?

100 duck sized horses probably, that actually sounds kind of cute.


BOAT SHOW play from 9-9.30 at the Lot Party as part of WAMfest’s Saturday events. Lot Party is located at Lot 10 South, 557 Wellington Street Perth.

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