The Jensens: “Sexless” EP

The Jensens are back with breezy EP “Sexless”


The vintage twang of The Jensens is back on their latest EP, the breezy Sexless. The Brisbane five-piece build upon their previous efforts, having recorded Sexless simultaneously with last EP Everybody Talks.

The first track, “Gaff’s Song”, is filled with a lush arrangement of reverb-soaked guitars, a melodic bass and some airy backing vocals that float in and out at the right moments. The band works the chord progressions and the vocals together in a way that allows the listener to feel things without even paying attention to the lyrics, which are nonetheless crafty and enriching.

Speaking of the track, the band explains:

“It’s about wilfully denying yourself of something instinctual, as well as the magnetism of desire. An internal argument of wanting love, but having no more time you’re prepared to give. It’s about sex being both a vital shared experience and a temporary distraction of a life otherwise lived at existential breaking point. And how pursuing that experience, is to enter a world of sacrifice and convention. It’s about appreciating the fact that your mind has been trained to feed you the notion of significance, by way of the libido, but ultimately questioning the necessity of all of it.”

It becomes clear that The Jensens are a band who spend time carefully crafting their music and lyrics with meaning that comes as a complete package. It is refreshing to see contemporary artists making music that is able to be just as relevant to themselves as it is to their audience.

The last release by the band, the single “Everybody Talks” was released just as the weather was heating up, and finds its way onto this EP. The lyrics and guitars have a nostalgic quality that is spread across the EP, with themes of endings and beginnings. For a band pushing forward with new releases and new directions, such themes are particularly poignant.

Elsewhere, the EP closes with the track “Stadium Rock”, filled with distorted, chugging riffs and sleazy lead work. The vocals come across coarser than before, and fittingly linking in with the title, the track gives off a later-day Oasis vibe.

Overall, with their latest EP “Sexless”, The Jensens have come together with a varied, thoughtful collection of songs that are accessible and grooving. As their fan base grows, and they continue to gain recognition in their genre, we can expect only good vibes and killer tunes from The Jensens.

The Jensens will be releasing “Sexless” on March 31st! 

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