The Jensens: “Everybody Talks” Single

– by Louis Humberstone

With rolling drums and twangy vintage guitars, The Jensens’ latest single “Everybody Talks” is a readymade Rock anthem, taking the best aspects of the genre and managing to steer clear of the clichés.

“Everybody Talks” is first taste of The Jensens’ next EP, which is set for release early in 2017. The EP will see the Brisbane five-piece continue their rise to success, following previous release Everybody Talks (not to be confused with the latest single!), and airplay for earlier singles on triple J.

“Everybody Talks” sinks in with a melodic bass line and reverb dripping Surf Rock guitars that keep the song both super slick and yet incredibly organic. The little solo licks that fill the space between lyrics certainly have that retro-feel, but the vocals and lyrics keep the song in the present day.

The lyrics have a nostalgic quality, commenting on emotional moments and inner turmoil. Lines like “I don’t want to grow up/ Or even show up/ I wanna go home now” carry weight as the vocals almost crack in their delivery. For the band, ‘”Everybody Talks” is about a break up or even the end of a friendship. The chorus is about the actual conversation, the happening, that moment when you both know that you won’t be seeing each other like you have been for the last weeks or months or even years.’

This points to The Jensens as a band that know how to tell a good story and put it into a killer tune that will be stuck in your head for days. Coming as the days are just heating up, “Everybody Talks” is the perfect summer track for laid back days, and sets up exciting times for The Jensens in 2017.

Give “Everybody Talks” a listen here

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