The Interview: Officially Mugzy

(Reyne Brady, 2019)

Colosoul writer Michael Green recently caught up with up-and-coming rapper Mugzy! Check out what he had to say!

MG: Hi Mugzy, I am Micky from Colosoul. I really want to explore who you are as an artist and also as a person. Let’s try have some fun with this one, we will discuss hip hop, your journey, some controversial matters that are occurring in society and to top it off, a little bit of banter too if that’s alright with you?

Mugzy: Sure thing, this sounds really fun and I’m going to have blast with this. Really any exposure is great! Thanks again man.

MG: That’s alright. I didn’t want to just write a typical artist or music review. I don’t see the point! You already have quite a few of those at your disposal. Thus, I thought we should do something a little more abstract on this occasion and get creative. Let’s commence!

MG: To start up this interview, tell me, when did you become interested in hip-hop?

Mugzy: I became interested in hip-hop music and the culture of hip-hop when I was 14, in the year 2005.

MG: I see… so, what was it that really drew you to hip-hop as a genre?

Mugzy: I found comfort from my failing grades and bullying once I left high school by listening to rap music on my iPod.

MG: Sadly, bullying is quite prevalent these days. On the plus side you can be someone that speaks out against bullying. Hopefully bringing afoot within your local community. How did you get started within the music industry?

Mugzy: Yes, I do feel inspired to try and help reach people in society, so I try to spread meaningful messages throughout my music. Starting off, I wrote down some short rhymes in my notepad. But I knew if I wanted to progress I would have to write full lyric songs. In order to be respected by the hip-hop community, I felt I had to explore the common questions that hip-hop artists face. What is hip-hop? Where did it all begin? (The south Bronx during the 70’s if you were interested.)

MG: Hmm… I do like that notion and yes, it was said that artists such as DJ Kool Herc were the pioneers of hip-hop in the 1970’s. Did you know that the true roots of hip-hop stem from Jamaica?

Mugzy: Interesting, tell me more.

MG: In the 1950’s Jamaica, reggae and dance hall music that was played would have a deejay speaking over the beat. This was known as toasting and in fact inspired the future MC’s in the south Bronx, giving rise to what we now classify as hip-hop.

Mugzy: Huh! Sounds like you know your stuff!

MG: Yes, I too have dabbled in the fine arts of hip-hop.


MG: Anyways, getting back to your music. do you have any new projects that will be released soon?

Mugzy: At this time, no! I have been a little dormant in the music industry as I was getting involved in a lot of acting work. But I do want to get back into the studio and start making some music as soon as possible though.

MG: What was the last album you released?

Mugzy: My last album was titled; understand me. It was released in 2013.

MG: Woah… not wrong, it has been a while!

Mugzy: Yeah for sure. I am one of those people that likes to explore all opportunities life has to offer. So, at times I guess I drift a little! But let me tell you this, in 2019 I can assure my fans they will be hearing my music again and its going to be some next level shit!

MG: Do you have a regular crew that you perform with? How was your experience networking within the hip-hop industry?

Mugzy: Look, when I first started my pursuit of being a hip hop artist, I only had a few tracks under my belt. I tried vigorously to make contacts and collaborate with other artists and boost my exposure. I didn’t think it was the biggest ask in the world to find people that would take a few minutes to check out my stuff, but sadly it was. Most people that I attempted to do business with all had major ego issues.  I was welcomed with responses like “who are you?” and “We have never even heard of you?” So why should we work with you?” It’s like they expected me to prove myself to them or something and I found that to be absurd. If you’ve got skills then you should be given a chance, if nothing else. It’s not that hard to at least take a little time to check out someone else’s work out, you know what I mean?

MG: Yes, my experiences within the hip-hop industry are somewhat similar in that regard. If people have the time and money to pay people to edit and master their tracks, they can automatically hit the platinum sound, and actually sound like a somebody. But then you see all these artists bragging how good they are, when yeah, they are pretty OG, but when you take away all that glitter and production effects that are added to the mix, nearly everyone practicing and performing hip-hop are on the same level. They talk about hip-hop being about the unity within the community but then put on a show. It is disappointing the level of support offered to upcoming artists I agree.

Mugzy: Yeah for real. Personally I try to support others no matter where they are from. I am still on the rise and have been dormant as I said, but I have got to where I am today by perseverance and hard work. I don’t have a manager, I had to find these opportunities and make things happen. So, if someone wants some advice or feedback about their work I’d be happy to help. It’s about the respect and I understand how much of a struggle it can be at times. So personally, I’d feel like a lousy human being and a complete asshole if I didn’t help.

MG:  What do you think is the biggest issue this country is facing today? 

Mugzy: Lock-out laws and putting a STOP to local and live music, that’s really messed up! New Year’s nights at Kings Cross were the JAM back in the day. The Cross was like the Australian version of “Studio 54”.

MG: Fair enough! So, what is your five-year plan? 10-year plan?

Mugzy: Continue what I’m doing now; release music, interviews, features, gigs, acting parts, expand my network along the way. I hope I become very successful and make this dream a reality.

MG: On that note lets get a little philosophical for a second… do you think a man should profit the world and lose his soul?

Mugzy: “The WORLD is YOURS” I say and will leave it open for interpretation!

MG: A little cryptic, I like it! Moving forward, I am going to ask some questions now and just say the first thing that comes to mind as fast as you can.

Mugzy: Let’s do it!!!

MG: Who is the hottest girl alive?

Mugzy: Great question! But I legit can’t choose, that would have to be a tie between “Chelcie May” & “Sofia Jamora”

MG: What is your target audience in hip-hop?

Mugzy: REAL hip-hop heads. The ones who know every aspect of the culture, from the lyrics, social messages, knowledge, elements, and history.

MG: What kills people: guns or people?

Mugzy: Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Go watch a Jordan Peterson video, that will reveal my explanation. Guy’s got it sussed.

MG: If you could change one thing in the world what would it be? Why?

Mugzy: Social Media. It’s a great tool and brilliant for networking but also glorifies stupidity and quite frankly dumbs down the world from an industry perspective. Talent is no longer talent, in other words.

MG: What’s the most important thing in the world?

Mugzy: Hip-hop. 

MG: Who simply cannot rap?

Mugzy: Honestly, a whole lot of artists coming out of the woodwork today.

MG: What are some of your pet hates?

Mugzy: I am sorry, but I must name a few! The Kardashians, Lil Pump, Tekashi69, Real Housewives, the list goes on, but all these surreal reality TV shows! The majority of what we promote in today’s industry

MG: Do you believe in God?

Mugzy: If God is real or even existed, he is basically the devil in disguise.

MG: If you were stuck on an island, who would you choose to be stuck with?

Mugzy: Chelcie May & Sofia Jamora ;)

MG: Not your mother?

Mugzy: No way!

MG: Have you done tours in hip-hop? Where?

Mugzy: Not yet!

MG: What’s your opinion on the LGBT community?

Mugzy: I don’t have a problem with them and their love lives.

MG: If you could achieve 5 goals right now in hip-hop, what would they be?

Mugzy: Hm, work on my 3rd album! I want to do a triple disk release, 3 being my lucky number. I’d love to travel to New York, as I’ve always wanted to visit/see/embrace 1520 Sedgwick Avenue. South Bronx (birth place of hip-hop) and feel the atmosphere where it all started! I really want to perform a local community gig or even a gig for the locals outside of 1520 Sedgwick Avenue, South Bronx, just to say and know within my career that I’ve performed one of my songs outside of the place that started this culture that I love. Visiting Rucker Park, New York, which is one of the world’s famous basketball courts for streetball & hip-hop and shooting some hoops would be amazing! And let’s say getting to meet Chelcie May & Sofia Jamora!

MG: If aliens invaded the country, would you:

  1. a) take them on a date if they were attractive and down to party?
  2. b) try and kill them out of fear for your life?
  3. c) run away and try get help?
  4. d) challenge them to rap battle in attempt to save the country?

Mugzy: All I could think of when hearing those questions was that it sounds like Bart Simpson’s moon party from out of space! But to answer the question, 100% take them on a date.

MG: If they cut you a deal to save your life but in return you had to sacrifice two people you know, who would you offer up?

Mugzy: If I hadn’t made a living off my career or achieved the level of success that I wanted at that time, I’d just sacrifice myself!

MG: Are you sure you would sacrifice yourself?

Mugzy: Yes… I could come back as a force ghost? Like Obi-Wan did. But instead I would be the hip-hop force ghost.

MG: What is hip-hop to you?

Mugzy: I wake up HIP-HOP, go to sleep HIP-HOP, dream about HIP-HOP…why? BECAUSE I AM HIP-HOP!

MG: What would you do for a million dollars?

Mugzy: A game show!

MG: What wouldn’t you do for a million dollars?

Mugzy: Human Centipede!

MG: Who are your biggest influences in music?

Mugzy: 50 Cent, Rakim Tupac Shakur, NaS, DMX, Eminem, Shaggy, and 2 Dope.


Mugzy had some final thoughts that he wanted to disclose to those that listen to his music, stating that “I grew up with the early 1990’s to the 2000s hip-hop music. Back then having bars and lyrical messages meant EVERYTHING! I haven’t turned a blind-eye to that in my career, but I don’t follow the trends and jump through hoops like lots of unsigned artists do today. Personally, I think this damages the culture of hip-hop, to the point it becomes corny, because you don’t see true artist potential.

“Hip-hop is a culture and has a remarkable history. I don’t want to only use it for its music. I always wanted to learn where it came from, to how its evolved and become so universal, starting in the Boogie Down Bronx and the 5 elements (MCing, DJing, B-Boying, Graffiti, Knowledge). I think modern artists and anyone who wants to create hip-hop music should learn the history and reflect back to the times of where it all began. As this will make them stronger, smarter and more knowledgeable as MC’s!”


Here are a few more facts about this new rap sensation!

Real name: Reyne Brady

Age: 28 years old

DOB: 22nd of January 1991

Place of birth: Sydney, Australia

Height: 5’11


2010: Music Technical Production Gosford TAFE/RHYSS
2010: Music Song Writing Cert 1 & 2 Gosford TAFE/RHYSS
2010: Youth Connections Radio (Aus) Radio Personality/Volunteer
2011: Sea FM 2GO/Radio The Central Coast (Aus) “Production Assistant” (Work Experience)
2011: Hip-Hop Dance Class Training Narara Park Indoor Basketball Centre (Aus)
2012: “Music Business Skills/Sound Sessions” Wyong TAFE, Wyong Neighborhood Centre & Grove Studios
2014: Team Member/Street Press at HIP HOP TV (Australia’s No:1 Source of Hip Hop News/Culture)
2016: Teacher/Mentor/Leader D2MG Hip Hop Workshops UNSW (Aus)
2016: “Maintenance Assistant” ECP Studios Berkeley Vale The Central Coast (Aus)
2016: “Event Assistant (Coordinator)/Youth Worker” The HUB Erina Youth Entertainment Venue (Aus)
2017: DJ & CDJ Skills Course United DJ Mixing School/Redfern Community Centre
2017: Event Assistant (Coordinator) Showcall Crewing (Aus)
2018: Brand Ambassador PULP YOU! Campaign (Aus)

Artistic Achievements:




Acting parts:79


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