Spacey Jane: The Answer to the Question

The Au Review

Hey guys, how was your weekend? More importantly, how was my weekend? I’m glad you asked! After all, I know your all dying to find out how the gig went (check out last post: Spacey Jane Play at Badlands Bar). And I am please to inform you that I indeed have the answer to the much asked question: “Is Spacey Jane a ‘good’ band,” of course referring to their live playing abilities. And now, the answer you’ve all been waiting for…*drum roll*…their bloody amazing! *people cheer, trumpets sound in victory, there’s probably confetti.* This band, ugh, where do I even start. Well first of all if you’ve never been to Badlands Bar you should definitely check it out! They have like an outdoor beer garden laid with fake turf and big cable reels as tables with giant white umbrellas in the middle, surrounded by bar stools, and of course, fairy lights everywhere! (it is a hipster bar after all). You make a quick stop pass the bar to order a wine (cause we fancy) as you head inside; then once your in, the room is focused towards the stage, with the outskirts of the room being more of the spectators area, but as soon as you step down towards the middle where the ‘mosh’ happens, then your amongst the action! Of course this is where I was, or more specifically, right at the front in the ‘sweat zone’. Prime! But it’s a super cool bar that play host to lots of local talent so I would definitely recommend checking it out (here) and keeping an eye on who’s playing the tunes next weekend. 

Ok, so… the actual show. How was it? To be honest it’s hard for me to believe this band has only been around for a couple years. They have the ‘togetherness’ (is that a word?) of a band thats been doing this for a while. And their live performance, I could definitely see these guys playing at big time music festivals like Splendour In The Grass, Groovin The Moo, The Big Pineapple Festival, Falls Festival, ect, and this is just Australia (how good are Australian music festival though!) Not only do I see them playing at massive festivals, all over the world, I see them headlining these massive festivals, and playing alongside other massive artists: The Jungle Giants, Ball Park Music, Last Dinosaurs, Cub Sport; yeah ok their all Australian but support local ok! Everything about their live show, from the quality of vocals, to stage presence, interaction with the crowd, interaction with each other, just 10/10 in every category! Not only did they actually perform good, and actually sound like their recordings, but they also just look aesthetically pleasing. All the dudes have long hair, the chick was wearing these fiery red pants, the drummer has the ultimate pair of hipster glasses. Just so much style! And talent! 

So yeah, overall, they were alright… 

Don’t forget to give these guys a listen. I guarantee we’ll be hearing plenty more from them in the future! Check out their Soundcloud here.

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