Spacey Jane Play at Badlands Bar

Have you guys heard of Spacey Jane? Yeah me neither. It wasn’t until a friend invited me to gig of theirs tomorrow night, giving no other insight other then the fact that their a local indie rock band, which truth be told, was enough info for me to agree to go. But seeing that I’m going to be head-banging to their tunes in less than 48 hours, I thought it might be necessary for me to familiarise myself with their music to avoid that awkward moment when the singer and you make eye contact, and he’s singing, and your pretending to sing along by desperately attempting to mimic his mouth shapes and hide the fact you don’t know any of the words. Yeah, awkward! So on my way to work this morning, instead of inserting a CD of the most recommended album by whatever artist I’m investing time in at the moment to figure out if I like or not (currently Vampire Weekend. And yes, I like them. ((oh and on a further note, CD’s are the best form of media)), I crumbled to my anti-conformity rule of refusing to play music off my phone via aux cord (sooooo conformist), and plugged in my phone *twitching in the process*, opened up Spotify, searched the band and hit play. First thought: “woahhh is the singer the same guy that sings in San Cisco?” Their voices are undeniably similar. Both bands are from Fremantle so maybe that’s why…? Do Freo dudes have a particular accent? I don’t know, but I’m not complaining; I love San Cisco, but Spacey Jane’s music is a completely different style so there’s no risk of them sounding like San Cisco 2.0.

While researching this band I’ve discovered that their actually kinda a big deal, well as far as local artists go. They’ve actually played alongside artists such as Car Seat Headrest, Alex Lahey, British India and The Stems, as well as made festival appearances at Wave Rock Weekender, Gizzfest 2017, Falls Downtown 2018 and WADay’s SOTA Festival, which I was at and probably in a half-an-hour line for a bottle of water during their set. Devastated!

To describe this band, I would definitely use the basic words ‘indie’ and ‘rock’, and mash them together. I know that’s a description that’s pretty commonly thrown around to describe a bands sound, but in this case I actually think it fits perfectly! Their more rock than the ‘indie’ bands that I usually listen to (such as the likes of Ball Park Music, San Cisco, The Jungle Giants, Vampire Weekend… ect, ect) but they’ve definitely got those major indie vibes that qualify them for the category of bands I fall in love with. I realise ‘indie rock’ is not a lot to go off, so I guess your just gonna have to check them out yourself. Do so here!

One lingering question I do have however about this band: are they good live? In my opinion the quality of their live show is a crucial deciding contribution to determining whether or not this band is, by all definitions of the word, ‘good’. So I guess I’ll find out tomorrow night, and if you want to catch them live too, their playing at Badlands Bar (Perth), Friday 17 August 2018, kicking off at 8:00 PM. Tickets are $10 which is small price to pay in the potential of discovering your new fav band. Worth it! So check them out; and if you already have plans: uhh change them, or I’ll let you know how it goes and whether or not they truely are ‘a good band’. I know your all dying to find out! 

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