South London’s Loyle Carner Gives a Raw and Intimate Performance | GTM Sideshow @ Rosemount Hotel

Loyle Carner hits Rosemount Hotel for his final sideshow before Groovin’ the Moo.


English rapper Loyle Carner arrived on Australia’s sunny shores earlier this month to kick off his Groovin the Moo tour along with a number of sideline shows. The 22 year old South London emcee has played amongst some of hip-hops true heavyweights including Nas, Joey Badass and MF Doom, cementing his spot as one of rap music’s up and coming stars. Loyle Carner’s Australian tour comes off the back of his fifteen track debut album Yesterday’s Gone, a jazz infused, soulful portrait depicting the trials and tribulations of a young man growing up in South London. Carner provides a raw and honest poetic insight into his life making it easy to empathise and relate to both his struggles and achievements. The final leg of his sideshow tour landed him at the Rosemount Hotel in Perth, greeted by a mass of old and new fans alike.

Before Carner graced the stage the audience where warmed up by the fun, light hearted flows of Ryland Rose. The Melbourne artist sharp lyrics, jovial subject matter and bubbly production was somewhat reminiscent to the early works of Mac Miller and provided a pleasant contrast to the more serious undertones and vibes set by Carner’s music.

After a short interlude, the audience grew restless in anticipation for the main act, Loyle Carner strode onto stage dripping with South London steeze and exploded into “Isle of Aron” an intense melodic rap exploring masculinity, fatherhood and a snapshot of his childhood spent with his grandfather. A sample from “The Lord Will Make A Way” by S.C.I Youth Choir to create a strong gospel chorus that resinated throughout the venue.

Carner’s friend and producer Rebel Kleff backed him up on stage and the two serenaded the audience with an acapella freestyle, showcasing their true craftsmanship as musicians and lyricists, setting the audience into a swelling mass of bobbing heads. After the freestyle Carner confessed his love for Australia and its people saying, “I think I’m going to need to buy a house here”. (He obviously doesn’t know the current state of Australia’s property market). The rest of the act consisted of his new album with my personal highlights being his performance of “Starts and Shards”, a gritty song with a groovy bass backdrop and intense lyrics depicting the struggles of a wayward youth, which had the crowd going wild. This was closely followed by his performance of “BFG”, a song about the passing of his stepdad.

This theme of family and loss constantly shines throughout his music and as he approached the final song he took a moment to speak about the unrelenting and deep affection he holds for his loved ones. This notion of raw love came to a climax in his final song “Son of Jean” which contained samples from an album made by his stepdad which he only found after his passing. This expression of pure emotion provided a mesmerising finish to great show, letting me leave the venue a very happy boy.

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