Single Review: Vegemite Sandwich by Jack Davies and The Bush Chooks

(Nathan Hugh Robert Photography, 2018)

Fremantle locals Jack Davies and The Bush Chooks released their first single, Vegemite Sandwich, on August 17th and hosted their launch at Mojo’s bar later that night. Davies himself is a melancholic folk singer, who gains a more upbeat and electric sound with the addition of his seven-piece ensemble, The Bush Chooks. After having seen the group play on several occasions around Perth, it was exciting to finally have a studio released track of theirs to listen to in the car.

Davies has a raw and comforting voice which creates a calming ambience while making you think about the lyrics. It almost feels as if someone is reading their diary to you, along with soothing instrumentals and sweet, soft harmonies. The track is a nuanced and refreshing take on Australian culture with a melancholic tone.

The only downside to this track is it’s the only one the band currently has released. Although there are a multitude of videos of them playing on pages such as RTRFM.

Check out the full review on Colosoul Music!

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