Sevsons Release New Single!

(Hayden Nixon, 2018)

West Sydney alt-rock band Sevsons have become a noteworthy talent in the local alt-rock community through their ability to produce thoughtful lyrics and enchanting melodies in their songs and their new single ‘Evolution’ is no different.

Released on June 8, 2018, Sevsons new single ‘Evolution’ has proven that their success is imminent. ‘Evolution’ is truly a step up from their last single ‘Myopia’, adopting a stronger post-hardcore influence both lyrically and melodically. Lead singer Rhys’s vocals are captivating listeners with a new found higher vocal range creating tantalising harmonies and showing that as a band they’re continuing to learn and improve their sound.

However, the vocals in their song ‘Evolutions’ feel overpowered by their intense guitar riffs which isn’t uncommon in the post-hardcore genre. Taking influence from bands such as Karnivool and Dead Letter Circus, Sevsons are quickly becoming known for powerhouse riffs and anthemic choruses which leave audiences wanting more.


Sevsons top 5 Alt-rock bands

Caligula’s Horse – When I first heard that guitar intro to “Turntail” I was hooked. It was just a way of playing a guitar I’d never even thought of before, but still managed to be so accessible and easy to listen to. We’ve been lucky enough to support them at Newtown Social Club and they put on one hell of a show live! – Harrison

Birds of Tokyo – The musicianship these guys possess is really apparent in the way they can seamlessly blend and move between genres. ‘Weight of the World’ from their ‘Anchor’ EP is a personal favourite from these guys, a huge synth driven track that’s a perfect live opener – Harrison

Dead Letter Circus – I’m not sure I’ll ever get “Next in Line” out of my head (and I’m not sure I want to). These guys have found the perfect mix of technical ability and clever song writing, and seeing them play live is a masterclass in how to captivate a packed room – Harrison

AFI– When a band has been kicking around for 25 years, they’re either over the hill, or they’ve found the equivalent of the musical fountain of youth. AFI definitely fall into the latter category. Their ‘Sing the Sorrow’ album is a personal favourite of mine and anyone who lived through it knows that ‘Decemberunderground’ was a generation defining album. Brilliant. – Rhys

The Marmozets – A personal fave of our guitarist Christian which quickly became a band all of Sevsons loves, The Marmozets have this furious, erratic and driven sound, layered with tasty, catchy, melodic hooks that get stuck in your brain. Their lead vocalist Becca Macintyre is insanely talented and is absolutely fierce. She’s a total babe. – Rhys

Be sure to check these guys out!


July 15th, Rad Bar, Wollongong

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