RFA: “Suzie Lee”

RFA are your new favourite pair of jeans on “Suzie Lee”


Good times sound abundant on the new tasty track “Suzie Lee” by Philadelphia natives RFA. Blending a bouncing bassline with energetic guitars and a rough Garage croon, the single manages to sound like your favourite pair of jeans, comfortable, worn in, and reliably Rock and Roll.

“Suzie Lee” is a tale of lost love, as singer Dan Cousart asks for the titular character to take him back. The passionate cry “Remember me, Suzie Lee/ you’ve got no place to run to and you’ve got no place to go” hits the right spot as Cousart’s voice crackles under the warmth of distortion, the production of the track adding an extra layer of emotional weight. The song stays around for an easy three and a half minutes, and stays fun and youthful the whole time.

There is music that makes you think hard, and pushes sonic boundaries into startling new genres, and that music is great, but we should never discount the place that a solid Rock track has in pop culture and on our sound system. There is the obvious influence of bands such as The Strokes and The Velvet Underground from neighbouring New York hanging over “Suzie Lee” (the guitar solo sounds very Nick Valensi), yet RFA prove there is no need to reinvent the wheel to create a great single that is instantly catchy and effortlessly cool.

The group began after meeting as classmates at a prep school in Philadelphia, before cutting their teeth playing house parties. This history seems to have shaped their sound, as RFA come across both scuzzy and tight, playing with the sort of passion you wish most bands had.

Since their formation, they have created a buzz across Northeast USA with their DIY sound and thrill-seeking attitude that has set them up to crack the rest of the country. Expect to hear much more from them as they make a national name for themselves as a fun-loving Rock band.


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