Q&A with Yoko-Zuna

A quick chat with Swap Gomez from Yoko-Zuna.

Interview by ANTHEA YANG

Can you introduce yourselves to our readers?

We are Yoko-Zuna, a 4 piece progressive, electronic, hip hop band from New Zealand.

The music video for “Yes” is so entertaining to watch! What was it like only having a 48-hour window to film it?

The director is our drummer Swap Gomez. He collapsed on the Monday from exhaustion. Dude didn’t sit down the whole weekend! Of course all the crew were also a bit knackered.

The events in “Yes” continues on from the events of your previous single’s music video “One’s Cycle”. Can you tell us a bit about the shared video universe project that’s in the works?

We think about our releases as one big saga, right from our very first album to the album we are about to release. We love easter eggs and hidden meanings in movies, and we wanted to create a similar concept within our music videos. We still have 3 more music videos and short film coming to tie it all up.

What was it like working with NZ talents like Lukan Rai$ey P-Digsss, and Laughton Kora for your EP Luminols?

It was like having your own favourite Avengers mixed with your favourite Mortal Kombat characters. It was such an amazing roster on this release, we were super honored.

Who are some up-n-coming hip hop/electronic artists we should keep an eye on?

The big ones: Kaytranada, Fly Lo, Thundercat, Hiatus Kaiyote. But also check out Pacific Heights & Soccer Practise who are two of our faves atm.

Yoko-Zuna is known for their killer live shows, what does one of your shows usually entail?

ALOT of energy and shenanigans. We all look like we’ve had a sweat shower after a gig haha.

What’s one of the best shows you’ve played?

We played at a NYE festival in Gisborne on the North Island of NZ called Rhythm and Vines which was epic and the culmination of a really good year for us.

Any chance on an Australian tour anytime soon?

Yes!! Very close to announcing something cool!

You’re currently working on a second album, can you tell us anything about it?

It’s going to be our biggest work to date really. The feature artists we have are just next level and we are constantly challenged with this album which is great.

Where are you guys planning on taking it in terms of sound and collaborations?

Our music ends up being really diverse, it’s really open to so many options with sounds and directions we head. But that’s the beauty of it – we have no idea!



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