Portland’s Sinless Brings Back the Good Vibes with Melodie

– by Ethan White

Portland may well be the most pretentious place on Earth today but I cannot deny their music scene is unique and wonderful. Sinless is just another product of this. With their lo-fi dream pop seemingly oozing with warm feelings and wonderfully minimalistic album art, I cannot predict how far they will go; however they will go far I’m sure. Melodie, the second EP from Sinless, is another four track record like their first, Ethereality. Just as the first record, it is a journey of moulded tones and moods fashioned by the five-piece Portland band consisting of Cor Allen (vocals/guitar), John Walsh (guitar/synth), Pete Bosack (bass), Lynn Nicholson (drums), and John Goforth (keyboards).

Opening on the track “Cool” which is a very applicable happy tune that could fit a day inside alone, a relaxed house party and a day at the beach, in the city, in the car… the list goes on. It is a versatile and captivating track. The EP ends on “You’re So Fey” which is, instrumentally, much more dense than the opener. It also has more prominent vocals and is closer to a pop song than most tracks by Sinless, but it still has a flair of formulated aptitude that these Portlanders lay down.

The third track in this EP “Strange Reality” is among one of the catchiest songs of the year. It is a fusion of new-age indie and lo-fi with a blur between the 60’s manner and 80’s methodology. Regardless of poor analysis it’s a great track from great artists.

In an attempt to subside the excitement for the nearly completed full-length album by Sinless, please use the four tracks on Melodie (and while you’re at it, if you haven’t already, listen to Ethereality also).

Keep an eye out for Sinless and grab a copy of Melodie here!

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