Pop Cult Debut with Stomping EP “Cult Classics”

– by Louis Humberstone

Pop Cult’s debut EP, “Cult Classics”, is an entertaining and upbeat collection of tracks which take the Indie-Pop vibes of bands like The Dandy Warhols and Primal Scream for inspiration as they churn out fuzzed out and catchy tunes.

With a distinct 90s sound running through the EP, Pop Cult manage to pay homage to their favourite acts, but never sound derivative. Instead, they showcase their originality and a talent for production and arrangement that makes each track instant and accessible.

Opening track “Gotta Keep Lovin’” kicks things off with its dreamy chorus and deadpan verses, demonstrating an incredibly tight sound which stays around throughout the album. The bass and drums move in a way that suggests dance rhythms, whilst the simple guitar sound knows its place and slots in perfectly.

The cleverly titled “Sunday Mourning” begins with a riff that could have been lifted from The Smiths, and continues with dreamy vocals and a dense drumbeat. By the time the band reaches the chorus, they treat us to the catchiest part of the song, which seems to be a kind of trademark. Each song infectiously captures the listener, and by the time it is finished, it’s still stuck in your head.

The band has a distinct lo-fi sound which compliments their song writing. Speaking of the way they create music, Elliot Heinrich says, “The writing/recording process is all very fast and impulsive. Somewhere between bedroom-demos and studio recordings, we’re writing as I’m producing and tracking as I’m mixing- a bunch of the final vocal and guitar tracks are from the original writing sessions.”

Alongside Heinrich in the band is his brother Tim and Callum Voller. Hailing from Queensland suburbia, they’ve grown steadily since forming less than a year ago. With a couple of singles already out, Pop Cult are onto a prolific and exciting start to their career.

Finishing off with “Feels Right”, the EP maintains quality throughout, with none of the tracks feeling like filler. Instead, the impression is that despite the lo-fi setup, Pop Cult take pride to build up songs, and have an ear for crafty catchy and entertaining tracks. Expect more good sounds from them in the future.

Debut EP “Cult Classics” is out now via We Are Golden & Create/Control.

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