OKBADLANDS tease a new EP with “PTY LTD”

It’s thoughtful and spacey.

BY Louis Humberstone

In the lead up to the release of an upcoming EP, Brisbane duo OKBADLANDS have released the electro-pop single “PTY LTD”, a jazzy and chilled out track which captivates with it’s beautiful harmonies and tight instrumentation.

“PTY LTD” is self-produced, recorded and arranged by the band, with assistance from Brisbane producer Golden Vessel (Max Byrne). The track is thoughtful and spacey, with glimmering guitars and a fuzzy bass that makes the entire track feel warm and inviting. The chord progressions and changing dynamics show a maturity in songwriting that makes “PTY LTD” incredibly listenable.

The vocals on “PTY LTD” are simply delightful. There is something exhilarating about listening to the rising harmonies of OKBADLANDS that lift the song. The cries of “Ask me to go anywhere” over the bare piano chords builds wonderfully and perfectly complements the pop song.

OKBADLANDS formed after informal jams between best friends Kate Gurren and Sally Latter in 2015 turned into a serious expression of creativity. This year, on March 31st they look forward to the release of their debut EP, which will contain “PTY LTD” alongside former single “Dust and Gold”.

If “PTY LTD” is anything to go by, OKBADLANDS know their way around a good pop song, with their ability to craft warm tones alongside beauty and emotion in the purest way. As long as they stick with their laid back approach and soulful vibes, they can expect to quickly find themselves a favourite around the country.

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