Nicole Millar Sends “Signals” With Latest Single From Up-and-Coming EP Communication

– by Madeline Oliver

Nicole Millar’s new EP Communication – to be released December 2 –features six fresh tracks. She is a singer/songwriter native to Sydney who’s graced us with a voice so sweet it charmed its way into Emoh Instead’s “Out to Dry,” Cosmos Midnight’s “Phantasm,” the Golden Features’ “Tell Me,” and most notably “High” by Peking Duk. More of her misty and soulful vocals are showcased in the EP’s featured songs: “No bad Vibes”, “Signals”, “Pixelated”, “One Thing”, “Love Like I Never”, and “Better”, which are to be enjoyed on her current Signals tour on the East Coast.

Millar’s voice isn’t the only thing to give credit to. The electronic tune in “Signals” shows a particular mastery of subtle, on-trend music. It’s breathy and mellow, and floats through sounds yet is always accompanied by a fun beat. To compliment her first single, is a beautifully shot music video of Millar in an urban landscape, enviably adorned with clothes I would love in my own wardrobe.

“Better” has a stronger, spacier beat, not to far off Peking Duk’s own sound. It begins with a build, before dropping smoothly into the first chorus, rather serenely, only to build some more and slide smoothly into featured rap by Imad Royal. Amongst these drops and instrumental moments, it’s nice to hear a female artist singing about something a little stronger than heartbreak and man-trouble. Not something common to female R&B artists. Millar will make you better, she will send the signals, she will communicate with her new EP Communication. Here is an example of technically well put together, computerised noises and vocals that fall harmoniously into place. It’s good music even if it could, perhaps, have a little more backbone.

Communication follows her previous EP Tremble, and channels a similar dream-like sound throughout it’s songs. And like Tremble, falls into the popular EDM genre without feeling the need to be anything else. Perhaps besides a little pop and R&B. For an artist not to big on labels, Millar slides into her niche comfortably, and should feel right at home along side similar artists like Flume and Disclosure at many an Aussie music festival.

Pre-order Nicole Millar’s Communication EP now!

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