Music Video Review: BTS “IDOL”

(BBC, 2018)

Heart-throb Kpop group BTS (also known as Bangtang Boys) recently released a brand-new music video for their song “IDOL” featured in their new album Love Yourself: Answer. The music video was released on YouTube on August 24th earning more than 45 million views in the first 24 hours of being released. It is something everyone should watch, if only to see the incredible meaning and creativity BTS put into every music video.

Their video features incredible choreography and has certain traditions from the African and Indian culture, funky costuming, traditional Asian animals and hilarious scenes of the boys with different Snapchat filters on their faces. How much more creative and smarter can they get?

“IDOL” is all about self-love and acceptance of who the boys are as a group, and as people. They use bright colours to show the message and mood they are trying to express to us, and through their lyrics and visuals shown in the music video they convey pride towards their heritage and their culture.

The sound is fresh, original and catchy, and the video is creative and cool.

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