Milky Chance: Thought-Provoking Music Video for New Single “Cocoon”

– Carla Avendano

German folk duo Milky Chance have release a new badass song, “Cocoon”, with an even more thought-provoking music video.  At first I figured it’d be like a stolen dance-up beat and a sure hit; however after really listening and putting the pieces together from their rather strange yet powerful video clip, I was sold. No doubt this will be  another sure hit as previous songs these two have produced once before.

“Cocoon” has stayed within the familiar sound Milky Chance work with its got your smooth beats and funky chorus but this message from the video clip is strong. Coming through with a very clear message of: if you abuse something, regardless of what it is, eventually it will fail and you will fail. The video has a girl kept locked in a room, she can turn things into gold from old clothes scraps, making the people from the video grow with ego and selfishness; even though she was getting sick they still made her create more. There’s something going on with these apples too that the head honcho of the operation clearly has a fascination with. I won’t lie, I kinda felt a little weirded out with his obsession over these apples but they clearly represented the girl.

Eventually one of the workers gains a conscious and decides to help her but by the time he’s about to set her free the damage has been done and she’s disappeared, leaving nothing but her ragged clothes. Along with the lyrics that go hand in hand with their message, the beat is sick – it’s still laid back and easy to listen to. Overall a great song with an even better message definitely one to keep an eye out for. Check out the new single Cocoon by Milky Chance, fans won’t be disappointed.

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