Milky Chance Bringing the Grooves and the Moves | GTM Sideshow @ Metro City

Music geniuses, Milky Chance, turned the sticky Metro City floor into a cocoon of enthusiastic dancers and singers.

Photography by SAM ELLIOTT of Lepak Media

Coming all the way from Kassel, Germany Milky Chance¬†blew away the crowd last Wednesday night as a part of their album release tour and as a sideshow to GTM. With an awesome show of support and stage presence that certainly got the crowd feeling on the same level, Amy Shark showed all of her raw talent as she performed the first set with just a few different guitars to back up her powerful lyrics and vocals she was the perfect performance to precede the “groovemeisters” that are Milky Chance.

Opening with “Clouds”, from their new album, Blossom, the crowd was instantly entranced in the way in which the band members manipulated the stage and crowd alike to make sure the performance went the best that it could have. The audience stayed like this until they walked off stage after performing their hit song for this year, “Cocoon” and then came back for an encore to perform their well-known hit, “Stolen Dance” in which the audience was more than happy to take part in shouting, screaming and belting out the chorus, asking the atmosphere almost euphoric.

With the quirky dance step and wicked guitar riffs from frontman, Clemens Rehbein, and the eclipsing harmonica solos from Philipp Dausch there was absolutely no doubt that this would be a night anyone would forget.

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