Middle Kids: More Than Just the Middle Kids

With the release of their debut EP, these Middle Kids won’t be forgotten….

By Kristina Wilford

Sydney ensemble Middle Kids released their debut self-titled EP last week, to much fanfare. The six-track recording is a carefully-constructed lesson in how to do indie pop/rock. With last year’s single release of EP track “Edge of Town” gaining praise from the one-and-only Elton John, there were some big shoes to fill. But the Australian three-piece certainly delivered.

“Edge of Town” is a mid-tempo, rich number with ethereal guitar effects and vocals that smoothly transition from soft falsetto to a grungy, deep tone. It was the perfect choice for the lead single and I can clearly see why Elton is such a big fan. This balance between buoyant and melancholy is further reflected on “Fire in Your Eyes” and the second single “Never Start”. But the highlights for me were the darker songs “Old River” and “Doing it Right”. The emotion in the instruments and frontwoman Hannah Joy’s voice was captivating. But the EP wouldn’t be complete without a chirpy, upbeat opening track and it is unmistakably captured in “Your Love”. This is one to be blasted while driving along the coast with the windows down.

You would be forgiven for thinking Middle Kids have been around the block a few times. Not knowing much about the band, I was shocked to hear this was their first EP release. With a rapidly- growing number of listeners on Spotify, a 24 date US tour and numerous shows coming up back home, it’s safe to say we’ll be hearing a lot more about Middle Kids in the future. As if that wasn’t enough, the band just played “Edge of Town” on the US TV show Conan and Conan O’Brien himself, seemed highly impressed. You can see the clip below.

The debut EP “Middle Kids” from the band Middle Kids is out now! You can also seem them live at one of their Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney dates or as support for Ryan Adams’ Australian tour!

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