Marmalade Mama @ The Odd Fellow

– by Carla Avendano

Local Perth band Marmalade Mama launched their new single “Let Me Dream” at underground Fremantle venue The Odd Fellow on Saturday night and, damn, was it a dope night. Supported by the talent of Moonlighter and FUZZ TOADS whom are also locals to Perth and Fremantle, these two bands certainly knew how to start off a great night. The venue couldn’t have been more of a perfect choice with the folk feel and the dim-filled lighting, everything just worked really nicely together to create the perfect atmosphere.

Being the first time checking these local talents out I was definitely taken away by Marmalade Mama. The trio that make up this bluesy funky rock band are Patrick Smith on vocals and bass, Brendan Smith on drums, and Tom Cremasco on guitar. These guys are super talented with some mad-as riffs and some killer drum skills, accompanied by the sweet sound of Patricks vocals. Let Me Dream was just absolutely brilliant. They had the crowd enchanted as soon as they hit the stage, “Motherfuckers” was taken by the audience quite well they soon had them joining in. “Save Me” was to be the end of their gig, but the crowd began to ask for an encore which brought out “Echoes”. By far my favourite of the night was the smooth blues of “Not Alright”; what a killer song. Not only are these guys a good-looking bunch but they are also super humble, constantly giving a shout out to both Moonlighter and FUZZ TOADS they can put on a pretty amazing gig. Their energy was filled with pure love for performing, the whole crowd could feel it and couldn’t have asked for a better night.

Definitely keep an eye and both ears open when Marmalade Mama take their sounds of their EP to the East Coast in 2017; support this local act and you won’t be disappointed! I’m keen to see what else these guys will bring out across the Aussie summer. Give “Let Me Dream” a listen below:

Stay tuned with Marmalade Mama here!

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