Lindenfield: Season of Death

Season of Death is the realest thing I’ve heard in a long time.

Lindenfield’s new album, Season of Death, is an album inspired by the recent losses that Lindenfield has experienced. The loss of his Grandmother and David Bowie are two of the clearest influences. Opening with a chorale cover of Sufjan Stevens’ “Blue Bucket of Gold” and a heartfelt cover of David Bowie’s “Life on Mars”, Season of Death touches upon those snapshots of misfortune and despondency experienced in a sort of emotional tryst, those moments that are still felt sincerely and furtively.

As the record unfolds, chiming guitar and ethereal keys tell stories of sadness, loss, and humanity. The single from this album “Saint Helens” stands wonderfully nearby the collection’s more delicate numbers “Mexicola” and “Living Without You”. Season of Death has a thoughtful good faith to it as it suffuses through the feelings and recollections behind misfortune and the process of grief.

Lindenfield is the best thing I’ve heard this year, I’m only disappointed that I hadn’t heard of him earlier. You can watch his uniquely wonderful album long music video at seasonofdeath.com in which it seems at first he is just eating mindlessly but at moments looks as though he is listen to the album with the audience until he is reminded of the grief that inspired the project.

Season of Death is available now! You can follow Lindenfield on Facebook, Soundcloud and BandCamp

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