Inspiration and Change with The Money War

The Money War, the next up and coming band from Perth, Western Australia are definitely going places with their polished, serene sound.


Formed in America, Dylan Olliviere and Carmen Pepper, discovered their sound whilst travelling around North America for three months in 2015, specifically California, and were inspired by the sounds of War On Drugs, Alabama Shakes, and Bon Iver along with many more artists and the genre of soul.  

Talking to Dylan, he says that the band is pumped for their new self-titled EP release along with supporting The Lumineers and Polish Club on their national Australian tours. He also says that they’ve been working on doing this for ages and it’s a really big deal.

The Money War’s sound is very unique and has a super glassy, urban kick to it. There is always the challenge to keep improving your sound as musicians and their sound will most definitely change or be experimented with, says Dylan, and “it’s important to stay inspired”. You can certainly here that from their new single ‘Stars’ which is a pre-release off the EP. The song was inspired by “a walk along Hollywood Boulevard and seeing the disparity in lifestyles between the famous and the homeless that all walked the same street.”

So far, the best place Dylan feels that they’ve played is Southbound in December, saying that it was a “cool festival and atmosphere” but that they really look forward to going international with their music and with their growing support from the America’s that’s seeming like a real reality. Especially in more the south and middle of America, such as Mexico, which were places they missed out on going to over their last three month stay. They also look forward to touring nationally in Australia later this year. Although you’ll have to wait until next week for tour dates to be revealed.


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