Herzeloyde Pushes Boundaries Again With “Sprung”

Obscure samples from what I believe to be PS1 classic Crash Bandicoot.

Herzeloyde is back again with yet another surprisingly original track in a genre that seems to repeatedly spew out the same tracks. Herzeloyde is a master of his art form and it seems as if he is just getting started, having fun with it even. Although it seems most up and coming electronic artists will push for the biggest in every aspect, Herzeloyde has a real talent for knowing when to utilise subtleties and how to break the abused formula that has become so. Utilising very unique feeling to his undertones and obscure samples from what I believe to be PS1 classic Crash Bandicoot, Herzeloyde continues to solidify his position in this industry.

With artists and critics alike having described Herzeloyde’s music as “pushing the boundaries of what electronic music has become,” it’s safe to assume that Herzeloyde will expand on this path he is following. His new EP 4D is on its way, coming out on February 24th. To prepare yourself, you should be listening to his new track “Sprung”.

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