Helen Shanahan: ‘I Only Hide’ Single

Helen Shanahan is a 28-year-old singer/songwriter from Perth, who has played at the Forum Theatre, BIGSOUND Festival in Brisbane, Queenscliff Music Festival, the iconic New York bar ‘The Bitter End’, and the Americana Festival in Nashville.

Shanahan has released a new single, ‘I Only Hide’, and it is nothing short of gleaming. After unearthing three EP’s, she is now working on her debut album Every Little Sting to be released in May 2017. The single is an insight to Helen’s own struggle with anxiety. With numerous psychotherapy studies in the last decade stating that music can reduce anxiety and depression for people with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) – the most common and incapacitating mental disorders – it is nice to see artist like Shanahan fighting a winning battle and providing a possible service to others suffering. With this, Shanahan comments on what music means to her, she says:

 “Music is a place of comfort and joy for me. It is a way for me to communicate, as somehow I am able to write how I’m feeling and convey it through song when speaking seems too hard.  When I listen to a song that sums up exactly how I’m feeling at the time, I feel less alone and that’s the power of music.”

With a radiant voice and bewitching lyrics Helen Shanahan has been described as “…a lyricist beyond her years” and after hearing her enveloping new track ‘I Only Hide’ I couldn’t agree more.

Keep your eyes peeled for Helen Shanahan’s debut album ‘Every Little Sting’ out May 2017!

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