Hear the Perth Hip-Hop Scene Heating Up!

(DIVINE, 2018)

Western Australia is home to a diverse range of musicians and artists. The hip-hop scene found in Perth is considered by the local talent to be largely influenced by the SBX crew that started up in the 1990’s. One Perth artist that is currently rising up through the ranks of “Aussie Hip-Hop” is Brad Cossington.

Brad Cossington was born on the 6th of April 1990. He attended Ocean Reef Senior High School where he stayed for the entirety of his secondary school education. During his youth, Brad started writing poetry, and by the age of 13 he decided to start writing hip-hop lyrics after being inspired to become a rapper when observing a close friend rap. When he saw that his friend could do it, he decided to give it a shot. He experienced a calling in his youth, a blind sense of faith as he puts it. Brad just knew that one day, he would make it as a musician. Since then Brad has continued to pursue his dreams and make them a reality. Brad worked relentlessly to up-skill himself as a rapper and hone his art. He is now 28 years old and known by the Perth hip-hop scene by his alias ‘Divine’.

Divine currently has a few projects under his belt and assures us he will have plenty more tracks and show performances in the mix for 2019!

Divine currently has released one solo album titled ‘Feelings’ alongside an EP that was created in a week as a collaborative project with popular Perth producer ‘Uncle Sam’. He has also been involved in musical projects with other local hip-hop legends such as Bitter Belief, Complete and Rob Shaker, but his all-time favourite artist to collaborate with is Bitter Belief. They have been friends for quite some time, so they know each other’s styles like the back of their hands, thus allowing them to perform well together during the sets.

When able to do so, Divine likes to run hip-hop workshops. What he enjoys the most about these is the feeling of teaching upcoming artists what he knows and assisting their journey as musicians. When asked what his career plans were Brad stated, “his preference was to succeed as a musician, but if that doesn’t work out, he would consider coaching other hip-hop artists.”

So what was it about hip-hop that drew Brad to the genre? Well, he had a few things to say.

“Hip-hop gives you this freedom to say anything you want and be able to get away with it, where other genres don’t so much. I like the comradery in hip-hop, everyone is so close together and there’s plenty of love in the scene.”

He went on further to state the main reason that he chose hip-hop when he was growing up was that it happened to be the one genre he excelled in. Divine would love to sing like Stevie Wonder or be able to bust out a perfect chorus of an Adele song, but sadly can’t. Brad does see the humour in this and speaks openly about it in a comical manner among his peers.

Brad receives inspiration from many sources but family and friends have definitely played a large role throughout his journey. In fact, if there were two artists that have had the biggest influence on Divine’s music style and his identity as an artist, J Cole and Joe Budden would take the title. Divine is commonly referred to by his fans and peers as the Aussie version of J Cole or Joe Budden. Brad grew up routinely listening to their music and has noticed that just by listening to his music, you can tell that he is a huge fan! Besides these artists, Divine finds himself influenced by musicians he considers to be relatable such as John Legend, Nas and Drake.

So, what does 2019 have in store for Divine? Divine will be releasing a new mixtape and his 2nd ever LP.

Divine’s new album, which is yet to be released, has some of his favourite and best songs thus far. One song that means a lot to Divine is ‘Take Me Away’. As a youth worker, Brad has been exposed to some of the issues that today’s youth are facing and he believes ‘Take Me Away’ addresses these issues. Although the lyrics of this track were somewhat simplistic, I do personally believe it was a very powerful song and I agree that it addresses modern day issues. The significance of such a song isn’t in the lyrics or even the excellent flow or catchy rhythm, but in the message that arise from such a song. The message I personally took from this was a common story we hear in modern times; a story of kids that grew up and were faced with some hard times and tough choices. Upon the first time listening to this track I thought to myself, man this is some powerful stuff. There was a lot of emotion in there, a great sense of pain and sadness, but by the end of the track I was left thinking about the fact that this journey is known by too many. It’s actually quite inspirational and I felt this was possibly one of the best additions to the Australian hip-hop genre that I have seen throughout the years. Which I do say as a rap enthusiast, a music reviewer and a fellow hip-hop artist.

I am not too sure what Brad meant when he previously said he wants to make it as a rapper. By this I mean, where do we draw that line in the sand? To recognise when one has truly made it as an artist?.

We are always pushing for new heights. So, if Divine does not accomplish his goals of ‘making it’ as a rap-star, I think that he should be extremely proud with the tracks he has created like ‘Take Me Away’. He should recognise how tracks of this stature benefit members of society.

Any further success throughout his career, although it shouldn’t be overlooked, I believe  should be viewed as a bonus. Because in this writer’s opinion, by releasing songs like this upon the world, is evidence that Divine has already succeeded as an artist in the hip-hop industry. Keep up the good work brother!.

If you would like to check out some of Divines exceptional work he can be found on Spotify, YouTube, FaceBook, SoundCloud and Instagram.

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