Harry Permezel: Self-Produced, Self-Written & Self-Titled

– by Ethan White

Harry Permezel has created a timeless, heartfelt album following the likes of a music great.

Starting out as an electronic artist, Harry had begun incorporating guitar into his music and is now curving more towards the acoustic. Harry Permezel’s more low-fi music is great and should be given the attention it deserves but his new self-produced, self-written and self-titled album Harry Permezel is just fantastic and we expect big things from the Melbourne born artist.

The first track of the album is “Dance” and it is a great song to tap your foot and drift away to, but just as you have reach the center of the lake that is brain dead, the ice will break as a result of the curious lyrics. The album is filled with very memorable lines, from “he eats pineapple just like that” to “sitting backwards in a car”. Most describe this album as a “rainy day album” and I cannot disagree but there is more to it than just that. It is such a heartfelt album and one that leaves me to imagine so much of what went into making it. It’s masterful — at first glance it seems like just a man with a guitar singing some nonsense but upon further inspection it is an incredible piece of art.

Every song on this album is great, it’s seamless and unbelievably high production for someone as young and new to the industry as Harry Permezel. Many albums, for short, is blending each song to make an album whole and many do the opposite by creating an album that’s repetitive. Harry Permezel has balanced his album so well it is a true gem of an album. I cannot suggest just one song and so here is the full album.

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