GUM Returns with Swampy and Electrifying Psych-Funk on New Single “Gemini”

– by Louis Humberstone

GUM returns with feel-good spacey jams in the form of “Gemini”, a track which teases the album Flash in the Pan by the prolific artist.

Hiding behind the moniker GUM is multi-instrumentalist and frequent Tame Impala/Pond conspirator Jay Watson. This comes as no surprise as “Gemini” has little hints of both of Watson’s famous bands, from the phased-out vocals and psychedelic synths to the spacey lyrics and grinding Funk.

Following up from two critically acclaimed releases in Delorean Highway and Glamorous Damage, “Gemini” finds GUM teasing out the sounds of their past, whilst delving further down the rabbit hole in search of swampy, electrifying riffs that swirl around the multi-faceted composition of the song.

The chorus, with its falsetto reaching “I’m a Gemini”, slots perfectly into the song, giving it an instant quality that warrants replay after replay. Speaking of the single, Watson says:

“Gemini is the first song I recorded for the album, and probably the most immediate. I’m not really a fan of star signs. It’s kind of a song about people pinning stuff happening in their lives on things like star signs and religion. I am a Gemini though, so there’s the bipolar/duality thing in there is as well.”

Continuing the self-produced trend of the last two albums, Flash in the Pan was recorded almost entirely at home throughout 2015 and 2016, with “Gemini” being the first track recorded. The single hints at a very positive direction for GUM in the new album, which should not be missed.

“Gemini” and Flash in the Pan are both out now!

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