Filthy Apes “Monochopsis” Single Launch

Filthy Apes will be up to some psychedelic antics at Jack Rabbit Slim’s for their new single.


You can catch fuzzy psychedelic eclectics Filthy Apes at Jack Rabbit Slim’s on April 22nd as they release new single “Monochopsis”. The band will be joined by indie rockers Pat Chow and Ursula for a great line up on the Saturday night.

On the back of a couple of EPs, Filthy Apes have been hard at work crafting their latest sounds. “Monochopsis” is released following previous release “Waiting Line”. “Waiting Line” was a stunning new direction with dreamy backing vocals and a desert vibe so who knows what to expect from “Monochopsis”.

This will be your last chance to catch Filthy Apes live before they take some time off to focus on writing, recording and releasing new music. Expect this to be an exciting gig that the band describes as a “messy farewell”!

For more information, check out the event page here!

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