Darkbird Releases New Single!

(Penny Loafer PR, 2019)

I feel I should open this review by stating that pop rock is not my genre of choice nor expertise, relinquishing any potentially hidden bias to avoid discrediting the work of this artist and the genre they represent.

Upon listening to Darkbird’s new song, titled “Crimes”, I initially didn’t feel much of a connection with the song. I considered the possibility that the quality of my computer speakers was not worthy of critiquing a song with such one-sided feedback. Therefore, I decided to replay the song at a later stage in my studio speakers to compare the quality.

Initially, I felt there was little emotion in the song, yet after a second listen, I noticed that the emotional expression seen in “Crimes” was indeed quite powerful and good at various times throughout the tune. Aside from a few sections of the song that lacked energy, leaving the listener confused as to what to feel, some parts were very nice to listen to, with some excellent.

I was disappointed with the quality of mixing and mastering that was performed on these tracks when fused together. I am merely a rookie producer that is self-taught, but personally I feel I could have done a better job matching the volume of the vocals and the beat in this song. Some sections were fit together quite nicely, but other parts I had to pay special attention to in order to hear what was said, possibly due to the beat being a touch late, and too much bass being added in the track.

That said,  let’s discuss the positives in this track and explore some areas in which Darkbird excelled. First off, the chorus was catchy. Really catchy. I found it to be quite uplifting, with some positive vibes emerging from the melody and lyrics, and found myself stuck in a hypnotic head bobble marathon every time the chorus came on. The female singers’ vocals were quite exceptional, both on note and soothing on the soul. Lastly, I did find the beat was quite neutral, keeping the balance of what I would consider extrovert and introvert music on the track. It wasn’t enough to make me want to start a mosh pit, but it certainly wasn’t going to put me to sleep and make me feel like changing the radio-station either.

All things considered I think they should be happy with this release. “Crimes” was quite a good track and I think they are going to do well in future times. Despite a couple fumbles with the editing, with the non-commercial sound seen in “Crimes”, I think it’s fair to say Darkbird is certainly keeping it real!

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  1. Ash

    Great critic! It’s a shame COLOSOUL magazine is shutting down. You guys do great work and it was a cool track to listen too.

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