DAMN, THAT’S A NICE SPLEEN: 20 Questions with Hideous Sun Demon

We sat down with Jake, Vincent and Blake from Hideous Sun Demon and picked their brains on duck-sized horses, cannibalism, and hangover cures.

By Editor in Chief ISOBEL ARMSTRONG and Assistant Editor SARA TERRY.


Assuming that inherently bad music DOES exist, what’s your guilty pleasure song?

Vincent: that one Muse song… maybe two of them…

Blake: *sings* There’s just one thing that got me trippin’… I used to be embarrassed, but now I openly love it.

Jake: Pantera, ummm, Limp Bizkit, stuff we used to listen to while we were playing Call of Duty. There’s a lot.


So I saw Vincent’s parents get crowd crushed one time at the Odd Fellow. They came to support you in the front row but your audience is pretty hectic. And it’s pretty cramped in there. So what venue is your dream gig at?

Vincent: Hahaha. Sounds about right. They’ve been to enough gigs, they should know better!

Jake: 459 (jokes). I always liked Melbourne, playing at The Tote is fun. I’ve never really thought big stadiums are awesome though.

V: I went to a really old decayed city in Europe, and they had like a Necropolis thing in Turkey, with a huge amphitheatre. It went like 100 metres up the side of a mountain. That would be pretty cool.

Blake: Somewhere in Germany.

Vincent: Yeah, I’d like to play in Germany.

Jake: It’d be nice to play on a stage that’s like, really cold, and it’s like a skiing place?

Vincent: Oh like Siberia? We should do a Siberian tour.


Cool. Pun not intended. So, favourite local bands at the moment?

Vincent: Razors and Mt Mountain

Blake: Cease, and Pond. Love Pond. And Ziggy!

Jake: Bluenade, and Last Quokka are a great one too.


You recorded Industry Connections on an island. If you got stranded there, who would be the first to suggest cannibalism? And who would be the first victim?

Vincent: I think that actually came up. I think we actually discussed this.

Jake: I would definitely suggest it first.

Vincent: Yeah, Jake would definitely suggest cannibalism.

Blake: Me. I’d be the first victim

Vincent: Well wait, there’s no meat on me!

Blake: It’s not about the meat man.

Jake: What if someone is trying to be really noble, and they’re like, ‘eat me guys’…?

Vincent: I’d like to point out that this island was like… 100 metres away from the mainland.

Isobel: You never know.

Sara: Why not just get fish?

Everyone: There’s no fish.

Jake: There’s no fish, everyone wants human. Tastes like chicken!


If you had endless funds for a music video, what would the video be of and where would it be at?

Vincent: In space, with explosions. Skydiving. We’ve got another one coming out soon.

Blake: Blood. Surfing in space.

Jake: It’d be lots of costumes. In the past we’ve enjoyed sort of low fi tech videos. [Cul de Sac Vision] was a vague plot, but turned into a weird thing. There were two directors but one of them bailed. He had a big job, but he did a good job.


It was Loser unit, yeah?

Vincent: Yes. But Wavy Gravy is doing the next one. It’s quite high budget actually.

Jake: Very hi-fi, quite high budget. They phoned in heaps of favours for us.

Vincent: It was quite insane, there was like a 30-person crew, someone was directing traffic. There was catering! They had like three people doing lighting. It’s for Bad Girl.


Oh wow! I’m excited to see it now. Ok so… would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses?

Vincent: Are they angry horses?

Blake: They could all run backwards at you and then kick. A big duck would kill you, man.

Jake: It’s like getting attacked by 100 quokkas. It’s pretty hectic, it’s a lot of animals. I’d probably go the small horses.

Vincent: Yeah… giant birds. Nah. A giant duck is terrifying.

Jake: Yeah, I’ve been chased by geese man. Geese have teeth!


What’s your personal hangover cure?

Vincent: Fucking just suck it up maaaate.

Blake: Beach.

Jake: Yeah beach is good, a big breakfast, a lot of whinging on my part. Nothing special really. Codeine is a cool edgy rock and roll answer.

Blake: Yeah, Hideous does DRUGS! We’re VERY cool! But also blue Powerade. It’s an Aussie classic.


So you don’t have one Vin? You just look in the mirror like “IM A MAN! I CAN DO THIS!”

Vincent: Well most times I have work, so I’ve gotta fuckin’ get up anyway.


My trick is to drink THREE Uber waters. You skull one in the Uber, one while you’re getting ready for bed, and one just before you get into bed. And then you feel so sick you’re gonna throw up. And if you do, that’s great. That’s good. No hangover either way. Next question is… is the sun demon actually that hideous?

Vincent: He’s pretty rank .

Jake: Yeah he is actually, pretty scaly. Sometimes brown, sometimes green.

Vincent: He’s definitely not good looking. Maybe if he was charming it might sway opinion.


So who is the demon? Where does he come from?

Jake: He’s based on a B-Grade horror movie. We’ve actually never seen the film.

Blake: If we ever do a possible campaign, we’ll say “if you give us $100 we’ll sit down and watch the movie with you.”


If you could switch bodies with anyone in the world right now, who would you chose?

Blake: Trump. For sure! And I’d do good things, not bad things!

Vincent: Yeah, check out those small hands.

Jake: It’d be kind of interesting to experience life as a lady. I’d squeeze my boobies and see how it feels.

Vincent: I want to be Queen Elizabeth, that’d be fucking sick. Imagine being a fucking monarch! I’m never gonna be that!

Jake: Yeah but you’re incredibly old. You’d switch back and want to die young. I’ll never be buff. So I should do that.

Blake: Maybe you should switch with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Vincent: Then you have the trifecta- buff, actor, cool guy. Did you meet him in the US?

Blake: No.

Vincent: Put that in. Make sure everyone knows Blake DIDN’T meet Arnold Schwarzenegger


If an ambulance is on its way to save someone, and it runs someone over, should they stop to help them? Or save the person who called an ambulance?

Blake: Save the person they run over, obviously. Save that person then call another one. Or, reverse over their head to put them out of their misery.

Jake: I don’t know.. what if the person they ran over was an old organ donor and the original call was a young person with their whole life ahead of them?

Blake: Yeah, and the young person needed organs?

Jake: In the US, I heard the rich hospitals have all the organs apparently. I’ve heard when they get to an emergency site, if they see someone is an organ donor they put them at the bottom of the list [for medical attention] because if they die, something good happens. My mate made his girlfriend cancel being an organ donor when they got engaged for that reason.

Jake: Yeah, they’d be sussing out the organs. Like damn, that’s a good spleen!


What was the first song you learnt to play?

Vincent: I used to learn a bunch of piano songs.

Blake: Mine was a violin actually. Probably a Christmas carol.

Jake: When I was a kid it would have been something on recorder. I remember learning the Chariots of Fire theme song, and the Jurassic Park song on clarinet. On bass it would have been something heinous, probably like Red Hot Chili Peppers, or like Rancid or something.

Blake: first thing I learnt was Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Jake: Yeah, stuff like Rage, System of a Down. Those were good times though.


If man evolved from monkeys, how come we still have monkeys?

Jake: God created monkeys to make us feel better about ourselves. And to make Planet of the Apes.

Blake: I’m reading a sci-fi book at the moment where they go to other planets and discover other lives, and it’s like a joke they created monkeys at the same time.

Vincent: We’re not really related to monkeys as much as primates right? So we would have evolved from apes.

Jake: Somewhere we split from homo erectus or something to homo neanderthal and to homo sapiens.

Blake: Don’t we share the most DNA with orangutans?

Jake: Chimpanzees?

Vincent: No, orangutans because they’re so clever.

Blake: Well, they stayed in the trees, we climbed down. Something got left behind.

Jake: Some organisms reach evolutionary dead ends. Like dinosaurs were fucked, because the T-Rex kept getting bigger jaws and herbivores got heavier armour and they got too heavy. They couldn’t handle the heat or adapt, they got so niche. We’re lucky!

Vincent: Yeah, we’ve got jumpers.

Blake: Evolution is survival of the fittest but it doesn’t mean the weakest die out.


That’s a very concise and satisfying answer. What’s your fondest musical memory?

Jake: I remember being a kid, and it’s extremely corny but I was jamming with my first band and we did Smells Like Teen Spirit and the first time we did it right we were just like “YEAH!”, because there was just this energy and it was sick. But apart from that, your first tour and shit is amazing. Selling out Mojo’s the first time was awesome.

Vincent: Yeah, first tour.

Blake: First show and first tour were so scary. So epic though.

Vincent: Winning The Big Splash was cool.


What did you do with the money? It was $10,000 right?

Vincent: Albums, recordings.

Blake: Printed a record and went on tour.


Any personal spending?

Blake: Nearly! But no.

Jake: We tried not too

Vincent: The higher powers didn’t approve.

Blake: If we won a big chunk again, I think we’d keep a chunk for gear because our gear is breaking and getting old now. From a band contest you always have to spend so much money. Like getting a publicist, throwing a gig, paying for art. We’re doing okay these days though, self managing.

Jake: And were applying for a grant!

Vincent: Yeah, grants are great.

Blake: So competitive though.

Vincent: We have three tours coming up this year which is pretty cool. Got and an album coming out in June I think.


Where are you guys touring?

Jake: Amazing Adelaide, there’s a mini festival we’re headlining there which is awesome. Tasmania, New Zealand, etc. That’s really exciting.

Vincent: It’s our first international tour.

Jake: We’re gonna go to the fuckin’ Shire. It’s going to be sick. Playing a gig in Frodo’s bedroom.


Who would win a fight between Tony Abbott and Pauline Hanson?

Vincent: Tony Abbot. He’s pretty buff. I wouldn’t want that to happen though.

Blake: Yeah, Tony. He’s fit.

Jake: Me and Vin actually went to the recent Pauline Hanson protest at The Paddo in Mt Hawthorn. We went grocery shopping and she was doing Pots And Pints. We thought this would be fun. Everyone was protesting and yelling “Nazi scum!”, “Muslims welcome!” and all that stuff. Then the True Blue Crew turned up and they had like Aussie shirts on and they were singing the anthem, all these old girls. It was really intense.

Vincent: Yeah, I did some protesting. That was fun.


The final question before my laptop dies is, what’s your favourite lyric of all time?

Blake: “Its ok to eat fish / Coz they don’t have any feelings”. Even though they apparently do.

Jake: I remember you [Vin] always liked that line The Modern Lovers did.

Vincent: Yeah!She’d eat garbage, eat shit, get stoned / I stay alone, eat health food at home.” Really funny.

Jake: There’s a Steven Malkmus line I always liked. It’s like, “You’re an extra in the movie adaptation of your life.” Or something. It’s also a pretty bangin’ melody though, so maybe it’s just the melody I like.


Sara: Yeah, has anyone heard the new J Cole album? He’s a rapper, so one of his lines is like, “Watchin’ Netflix, catching up on our shows / Drinking almond milk / I never thought I’d see the day I’m drinkin’ almond milk!”

Blake: I’ve got one, “YUR LIPS LOOK LIKE CRISPY BACON.” Lady Leash? Lady L? That’s the chorus. There’s another song she’s got which is like, “Brush yo teeth. Brush yo teeth.” I love it.


Isobel: I’m embarrassed because my favourite is a meme now. You know, ‘hello darkness my old friend’? That’s NOT my favourite line. But it’s later in the song, “The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls, and tenement halls.” But now it’s a meme! I feel like I can’t say that it’s my favourite, because it’s a meme now.

Jake: Nah, you can say it! Definitely say it.

I can say it? Awesome. Ok, my laptop is dying. Now it’s dead. Just in time. Thank you guys so much for your time!


We spent the next 20 minutes discussing politics and finishing the jug of cider I bought without realising nobody likes cider except me. It worked out. Thanks again boys!



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