Camikaze Back in the Limelight with New EP “Thousands”

– by Ethan White

West Australian-born artist Camikaze gained some attention in 2014 when he released “Ayahuasca” and has since moved to Melbourne to work on his debut EP Thousands.

The incredible 4 track EP features some very interesting fresh artists such as Airøspace, an independent rapper from Washington D.C. who was contacted through Soundcloud. Camikaze said that he had “prayed to the internet that he would understand the track direction and want to jump on board.”

“This Burden”, the same track that features Airøspace also features Perth artist Luna May who has, like Camikaze, been hard at work with her new music. This track is likely to be the biggest stand-out thanks to the three styles that come together to make it. The hard, crunchy bass that goes along with Luna May’s gentle voice match well with the lyricism and energy of Airøspace.

The title track “Thousands” features New Zealand artist Maya Payne. Another young artist fighting a winning battle into the music industry, Maya has been making waves in her home country and abroad. The last feature on this EP is that of Camikaze’s high school friend known as Duchess, who Camikaze says is a “big future talent” and is “so glad to have her as a part of it.”

The final song on the EP is the oldest of the four tracks and is a great song for the festival season to come. Its trance-inducing vocals and marimba melody come at just the right time of year.

No doubt we will soon be hearing more from the brilliant mind of Camikaze. Until then, Thousands is available from Be Rich Records.

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