Brufield Serves Dessert First with “Cream On My Apple Pie” Single

Perth band Brufield are back with some “Apple Pie”!

– by Kristina Wilford

The latest release from Perth pop-rockers Brufield is quite a departure from previous single “Goodbye”, but there are no objections here. “Cream On My Apple Pie” is a fun, cheeky number exploring a back and forth relationship with a sometimes-lacking partner.

From the first roll of the drums, it is upbeat and funky. It’s hard not to be sucked in by the infectious joy in Lisa Caulfield’s voice as she lays out all the difficulties of dating. The vocals and instruments seamlessly bounce off each other. There is a distinct country-pop vibe to the song. From the band that brought us darker releases such as “Tainted”, it is a little unexpected. But the versatility required to fearlessly switch between genres is what will help this act remain relevant for the long haul.

The song is complimented by a highly-entertaining music video that is a must see for Brufield fans. You can catch this talented, local five-piece at a range of venues across Perth. I can’t give these guys enough praise. They are hard working with the skills to go with it and their rising star is well-deserved.

“Cream On My Apple Pie” is available on Spotify and iTunes now. Be sure to check out Brufield on Facebook to see where you can catch them next! 

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