Brainstory Embarks on New Psych-Jazz Terrains with Upcoming Self-titled ‘Mini-album’

If you’re hungry for an album composed of funky guitar and upbeat drums that is nostalgic of a 70s aesthetic then have a listen to Brainstory‘s new self-titled “mini-album”


Originating as a jazz trio, Martin brothers: Kevin (guitar, vocals) and Tony (bass,vocals), along with Eric Hagstrom (drums) created a new sound that merges soul, jazz and Psychedelic music in 2014 and found themselves becoming apart of the LA music scene.

Brainstory produces such an original sound that provides entertainment and interest for almost any music-lover. Their first album, A Natural Phantasm, is a mix of groovy guitar riffs and vocals that creates a sound similar to that of many popular bands in the music scene at the moment such as Ocean Alley and reminiscent of The Beach Boys. It is the perfect music to have on whilst studying, cleaning or even exercising… basically the kind of music that just gets played on repeat for a while.

Listening to their first album will get you well prepared for the new self-titled album which is released on the 5th of May and seamlessly moves on from the last without any hint of repetition but still maintaining their original style. It’s been described as “One of the more exciting debut albums of the year” – Pure Volume and “Brainstory have their own ideas about how and why to make a breakthrough, and the result is agile, confident and cheerfully ambitious.”- LA Weekly.

Bless your ears with Brainstory’s “The Sunrise” from their first album A Natural Phantasm to prepare for their new psych-jazz-scape sounds!

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