Boy & Bear Bring the Limit of Love to Freo Prison

– by Olivia Senior

Most people dread the idea of spending a night in jail, but on Sunday evening hidden behind the walls of the historic Fremantle prison was a crowd waiting to hear the latest sounds from five-man band Boy & Bear.

The band formed in 2009 and released debut album Moonfire two years later, soon becoming one of Australia’s favourite indie folk rock bands. Seven years later, they now bring us Limit of Love.

Cold and windy, it wasn’t your typical summer night. People had blankets pulled over their heads, partners cuddled up to each other and hands turned cold as they held onto their beers, but with the wind a warmth blew over the crowd as the band opened with (of course) “Limit of Love”.

It’s the type of music you’d imagine is enjoyed by sun-kissed bodies at a daytime festival and not under the old cells in the prison courtyard. But it was the perfect way to spend a Sunday evening, with loved ones under a bright moon listening to the dreamy voice of David Hosking. Surrounded by people old and young, yet again Fremantle brought a diverse crowd to an event.

For fans it was a special moment when they threw “Part Time Believer” into the mix, followed by the popular “Southern Sun”. Later support act All Our Exes Live in Texas were invited back onto the stage to help perform the Crowded House cover “Fall At Your Feet”, which everyone embraced whole-heartedly.

Boy & Bear reminded the audience that they do not perform encores, a warning they had three songs left to enjoy. “Walk the Wire” ended the night.

A friend likened the performance to a mild curry; not too spicy but rich and satisfying to say the least.

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